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According to top-mba-universities, Chugach Census Area is located in South Central Alaska and is part of the Unorganized Borough. It covers an area of 25,258 square miles and is the second largest census area in the state behind Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area. The census area includes all of Prince William Sound, most of the Copper River Delta, and parts of the Kenai Peninsula. It is bordered to the north by Valdez-Cordova Census Area, to the east by Matanuska-Susitna Borough, to the south by Anchorage Municipality and Kenai Peninsula Borough, and to the west by Gulf of Alaska. The Chugach Census Area has a long history that dates back thousands of years. The area was first inhabited by Alutiiq people who lived off the land for centuries before European contact. In 1741, Russian explorer Vitus Bering sailed through Prince William Sound and named it after his patron, Tsar Peter I’s son Grand Duke Pyotr (Prince) William. Russian fur traders soon followed Bering’s lead and established trading posts throughout what is now Chugach Census Area. In 1867, Russia sold Alaska to the United States and following this transaction American settlers began moving into what is now Chugach Census Area during the late 19th century in search of gold and other resources. This influx of people led to increased economic development in what would become known as “Alaska’s Playground” due to its abundance of natural resources such as timber, fish, oil & gas reserves, etc. Today, Chugach Census Area has a population of approximately 8500 people with a majority living in Anchorage Municipality or other parts outside its boundaries due to lack of infrastructure or job opportunities within its borders. Despite this lack of development there are still many small fishing villages scattered throughout its coastline that provide sustenance for those who live there along with eco-tourism from visitors interested in experiencing its natural beauty up close & personal. The Chugach School District is the largest school district in Alaska and serves over 8,500 students. It is comprised of five elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. The district covers a large area that includes parts of Anchorage Municipality and Kenai Peninsula Borough as well as areas within the Chugach Census Area. The elementary schools in the Chugach School District are all located within the boundaries of the census area and serve students from kindergarten through fifth grade. These schools include Copper River Elementary School, Girdwood Elementary School, Seward Elementary School, Tatitlek Elementary School, and Whittier Elementary School. Each of these schools have their own unique programs such as music classes or outdoor education that allow students to explore their interests in a safe learning environment. In addition to the elementary schools, there are two middle schools located within the boundaries of the census area. These are Cordova Middle School and Tatitlek Middle School which serve students from sixth grade through eighth grade. Both of these middle schools offer an array of programs such as robotics, science clubs, sports teams, after-school activities, community service projects & more for their students to participate in. Finally, there is one high school located within the boundaries of Chugach Census Area which is Valdez High School. This high school serves students from ninth grade through twelfth grade and has a variety of programs such as theater arts classes, advanced placement courses & college preparation classes to help prepare its students for college & beyond. In addition to academics they also offer sports teams & after-school activities so that each student can get involved with something they enjoy outside of class time while still excelling academically. Overall, the Chugach Schools District offers its students plenty of opportunities to explore their interests both inside & outside of the classroom while providing them with a quality education that will help them succeed in whatever path they choose for their future endeavors. Check top-medical-schools for geography, history, culture and flag of Alaska.

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University of Alaska-Fairbanks School of Management

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Homer, Alaska

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National Parks in Alaska

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