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According to watchtutorials, Albania is a small country located in the Western Balkans, with an estimated population of 2.9 million people as of 2019. The majority of the population is ethnically Albanian, accounting for around 95% of the total population. Other ethnic groups that make up the remainder include Greeks, Roma, Vlachs, Macedonians, Montenegrins and Bulgarians. Albanians are predominantly Orthodox Christians and Muslims are also present in the population. The primary language spoken in Albania is Albanian which is spoken by around 98% of inhabitants. Other languages commonly spoken include Greek, Romani and Aromanian. The median age in Albania is 30 years old with a life expectancy at birth at 77 years old for men and 81 years old for women. The fertility rate stands at 1.6 children per woman while the urbanization rate stands at 55%. The literacy rate is estimated to be 97% among adults aged 15-24 years old; however this drops off significantly among adults aged 25 years or older with an estimated literacy rate of 80%. In terms of employment rates, unemployment rates remain high at around 13%, although youth unemployment stands at double this figure (26%). Despite this there has been economic growth in recent years due to increased foreign investment and increased exports to European countries such as Italy and Greece. See iamhigher for Albania Population and Language.

Albania Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

Albania: Political System According to COMPUTERMINUS.COM, Albania is a parliamentary republic with a unicameral parliament. The head of state is the president, who is elected by parliament every five years. See AbbreviationFinder for more information about Albania politics, and acronyms as well. The parliament has 55 members who are directly elected. Some of them also… Read More »

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Overview Albania is a country in Europe according to topb2bwebsites. Friendly and tolerant residents, fascinating historical sites and settlements from the Ottoman Empire, beautiful mountain landscapes and romantic villages – Albania has all this to offer. Hikers will love the Albanian Alps and the Tomorri Massif, cyclists will love the many historical routes that criss-cross… Read More »

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Albania is a land of contrasts. Here you will find both high mountains with rushing rivers and the beautiful Albanian Riviera. There are old towns with churches and mosques, but also modern buildings that shoot up everywhere. Albanian cuisine is characterized by Italian and Greek food culture. See trips to Albania Residents: 3 mill. Capital:… Read More »