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Travel to American Samoa

Money Currency 1 US dollar = 100 cents. Currency code: US$, USD (ISO code). See USA for more information. Credit cards American Express is accepted almost everywhere, Mastercard only partially. Details from the issuer of the relevant credit card. ATMs Bank cards With the credit card and pin number, money can be withdrawn from ATMs.… Read More »

American Samoa Entry Requirements

Passport and visa regulations Nationalities Passport required visa required Return ticket required Switzerland Yes no Yes Other EU countries Yes 1 Yes Austria Yes no Yes Turkey Yes Yes Yes Deutschland Yes no Yes Passport information Generally required, must be valid for at least 6 months and biometric upon entry. Visa information Generally required, except… Read More »

How to get to American Samoa

Overview Exotic American Samoa is made up of seven islands, including the islands of Ta’u, Olosega and Ofu known as the Manu’a Group, which are volcanic in origin and characterized by high peaks. This tropical island paradise in the heart of Polynesia has preserved the traditional values ​​of ancient Samoa to this day. The islands’… Read More »