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According to allcitypopulation, Angola is a country located in Southern Africa. The population of Angola is estimated at 30.8 million people, making it the 24th most populous country in the world. The majority of Angolans are of Bantu origin, and they make up around 95% of the population. There are also small populations of Europeans, Asians, and other African ethnic groups such as the Ovimbundu and Kimbundu. The remaining 5% includes people from various backgrounds such as Portuguese, Brazilian, Cuban, and Congolese immigrants. The official language spoken in Angola is Portuguese, although many Angolans also speak various Bantu languages such as Umbundu and Kikongo. English is also commonly spoken in urban areas. Although there is no official religion in Angola, Christianity is by far the most prevalent with over 70% of the population identifying as Christian. Other religious groups include Muslims (5%), indigenous beliefs (10%), and other religions (15%). Angola has a young population with over 40% under 14 years old; this means that almost one-third of Angolans are below 15 years old! The median age for Angola is 17 years old which indicates that half of its residents are below this age group. This has significant implications for economic development due to the high dependency ratio which puts pressure on resources while providing fewer opportunities for growth or employment opportunities for youth. See ejinhua for Angola Population and Language.

Angola Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

Angola: Political System According to CANCERMATTERS.NET, Angola is a presidential republic. The unicameral parliament is elected every 4 years. The head of state is directly elected every five years. See AbbreviationFinder for more information about Angola politics, and acronyms as well. Tthe official name of the country is: República de Angola Republic of Angola National… Read More »

How to get to Angola

Overview Angola is a country in Africa according to dentistrymyth. Angola is slowly recovering from decades of civil war and adventurous tourists are beginning to explore the Portuguese architecture, 1,650km of coastline and previously little-visited wildlife parks. Dense forests, plateaus and wild rivers determine the landscape as well as the Namib Desert. Visitors will find… Read More »

Angola Economy

Business Due to its wealth of natural resources and the fertile land, Angola was able to partly overcome the devastating consequences of the decades-long civil war in the recent past. But despite the rapid economic growth (average annual increase in gross domestic product [GDP] 2003-09: 13.5%; 2015: 3.0%), large parts of the population were excluded… Read More »