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According to watchtutorials, Argentina is a country located in South America and has an estimated population of 44.2 million people. The majority of the population is of European descent, with over 85% claiming Italian or Spanish heritage. This is due to the large number of immigrants who arrived in Argentina during the 19th and early 20th centuries from Europe, particularly Italy and Spain. In addition, there are also significant populations of indigenous people, including the Mapuche, Quechua, and Guarani peoples. This diversity has resulted in a unique culture that combines elements of both European and indigenous traditions. The population of Argentina is quite young compared to other countries in South America; nearly one-third are under the age of 14. Additionally, more than half the population lives in urban areas such as Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario, Mendoza and La Plata. The remaining population lives mostly in rural areas throughout the country’s various provinces with some living in remote areas such as Tierra del Fuego or Patagonia. The official language spoken by most Argentines is Spanish; however there are also several other languages spoken by small minority groups such as Quechua or Guarani which are native to certain regions within Argentina. These languages have been preserved largely due to their importance as part of cultural heritage for many indigenous communities throughout Argentina’s history. Education is highly valued by Argentines; nearly 97% are literate with access to free public education up until college level for those who qualify academically or financially through scholarships or grants. See itypetravel for Argentina Population and Language.

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Argentina: Political System Tthe official name of the country is: República Argentina Republic of Argentina According to DISEASESLEARNING.COM, Argentina has been a federal, republican presidential democracy since 1994. “En Unión y Libertad” is the country’s motto and refers to the historically fought for federal statehood (unity) and the right to self-determination (freedom). See AbbreviationFinder for… Read More »

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Overview Deep in the south of South America lies Argentina with its enchanting landscapes: the snow-capped peaks of the Andes, the dusty plains of Patagonia to Tierra del Fuego – Tierra del Fuego. The land of endless adventure invites you to explore the verdant rainforests of Misiones, horseback ride in the sun-baked mountains of Salta,… Read More »

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Administrative division. – Changes have been made in the administrative division of the to. and currently it is divided as shown in the table. In 1950 the province of Los Andes was abolished, dividing its territory between the provinces of Jujuy, Salta and Catamarca; in 1951 the province of Comodoro Rivadavia was established with part… Read More »