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Aruba State Overview

Government and politics Located in Central America according to globalsciencellc.com, Aruba is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but maintains extensive control over its affairs except for matters related to national defense, citizenship, foreign affairs, and extradition. Aruba has its own laws, constitution, government, and official currency. The judiciary resides in the Supreme Court… Read More »

Aruba Society

Languages Multilingualism prevails, where the majority of the population can speak more than four languages. As in the islands of the Netherlands Antilles, the official languages are Papiamento and Dutch, the latter is the language of instruction in schools and government work, being the third most widely spoken language since its daily use is limited… Read More »

Aruba Festivities

Carnival Carnival in Aruba is filled with the sounds of steel drums, marching bands, and Calypso-inspired tunes marching through the streets. The carnival season is characterized by its frenzied weeks of queen elections, street marches, grave and calypso contests, parties and parades, followed by the illuminated parade and grand parades in San Nicolás and Oranjestad.… Read More »

Aruba History

Located in Central America according to itypeauto.com, Aruba is an island of the Lesser Antilles, the westernmost of the Sotavento group 25 km north of the Paraguaná peninsula, northwest of Venezuela and south of the Caribbean Sea, just west of the island of Curaçao. He was part of the Netherlands Antilles, although from the 1 of January of 1986 is an autonomous country within… Read More »