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University of Technology Sydney (3)

Application process The side of the UTS is unfortunately a bit confusing. I looked up all the information there, but was always irritated and, above all, unsure whether I was really paying attention to everything. So I turned to MicroEDU for help. I can only recommend this, as it is a great help. If you… Read More »

University of Technology Sydney (2)

First of all, coming to Australia is a very good decision. As you may know, while Australia is hot, dry and full of dangerous animals, the beautiful country also has beautiful beaches, koalas and the warm sun, so you will have the time of your life during your semester abroad in Sydney! Even though we… Read More »

University of Technology Sydney (1)

Host university The university is located in the heart of the cosmopolitan city of Sydney. The central location is one of the great advantages of the university. The Central Station is only a 3-minute walk away and Darling Harbor is only a stone’s throw away with approx. 5 minutes. Due to the excellent location of… Read More »

RMIT University (8)

Preparation and application process As a student at a small university of applied sciences with no good network for interested students for a semester abroad, I became aware of MicroEDU (CC) through a friend and in January 2014 I started looking for suitable universities and courses online. I am studying technical management and logistics and… Read More »

RMIT University (7)

Doing my semester abroad in Melbourne was the very best decision I could have made! But first the organizational facts in advance… As part of my course at the Karlsruhe University of Education, I had to spend a semester abroad. Since I was tempted to do this outside of Europe and the partner universities of… Read More »

RMIT University (6)

The decision to do a semester abroad in Australia was made two years ago when I was traveling there. When I was there, my enthusiasm was so great that I immediately started researching after my vacation. That means I’ve invested a lot of time and made plans well in advance. Two cities came into question… Read More »

RMIT University (5)

Preparation Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, I would like to thank Sabine and the rest of the MicroEDU team again, especially for the “preparation” point, for their great help in choosing the continent, the country, the city and ultimately the university and all the support during the application process through to enrollment. I… Read More »

RMIT University (4)

Hi, I’m Alexandra R., I’m in the last semester of my dual business informatics degree and I’ve just returned from Australia, where I studied for a semester in Melbourne. A semester abroad is compulsory for everyone at my home university and I decided on Australia relatively quickly. For me it was important to live and… Read More »

RMIT University (3)

I definitely made the right decision to go to Melbourne. During a stay abroad in Melbourne you will get to know a lot of new people, improve your English skills, experience the flora and fauna of Australia and much more. Above all, the friendly nature of the Australians with their “no worries, mate” mentality will… Read More »

RMIT University (2)

For me, Australia was never really on the list of “to-dos”: Too far away and well, with a lot of Germans… But after my 7-month stay in Asia, I wanted to enjoy a little western culture for my semester abroad and then I just liked the offer from RMIT University so much that I decided… Read More »

RMIT University (1)

After a really exhausting Bachelor’s degree, I felt that the time had come to see something other than your own four walls. Since the master’s degree was directly attached, I thought that I could at least partially spend it in another country. After scouring the internet for various options for a semester abroad, I noticed… Read More »