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According to watchtutorials, Austria is a small country in Europe with a population of 8,859,536 people according to the 2018 census. The majority of the population are ethnic Austrians and make up 89.1% of the total population. The remaining 10.9% is made up of other ethnicities including Germans, Turks, Yugoslavs, and Bosnians. Of those who identify as Austrian, 71.3% are Roman Catholic and 4.2% are Protestant. Islam is the second largest religion in Austria with 5.7% of the population identifying as Muslim while 3% identify as another religion or none at all. The age structure in Austria is quite balanced with a median age of 44 years old and an even split between male and female populations at 49% each according to the 2018 census data. The fertility rate in Austria is 1.5 children per woman which is lower than other European countries but still within the replacement rate for population growth which suggests that Austria’s population will remain relatively stable in coming years barring any major migration events or other external factors influencing its growth rate. See iamhigher for Austria Population and Language.

Austria Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

Austria Political system According to COMPUTERMINUS.COM, Austria is a parliamentary democracy. At the head of the state is a president who is elected directly by the people every 6 years. He is the commander in chief of the armed forces and appoints the Federal Chancellor. The Federal Chancellor is the head of the executive and… Read More »

How to get to Austria

Overview Austria’s beautiful landscape ranges from the majestic Alps to the green valleys of the Danube. The Austrian cities are also attractive destinations. In 2018, the British magazine The Economist named the capital Vienna the most livable city in the world. Austria is known for its historical buildings, impressive museums and galleries as well as… Read More »

Austria Custom and Traditions

According to topschoolsintheusa, the traditional costume is worn almost only for celebrations. In the side valleys the men had, until recently, short jackets of brown or gray loden with a red cloth on the chest, while in the major valleys long jackets and leather shoes have penetrated up to the knee. In addition to pointed… Read More »

Austria in the 18th Century Up to Maria Theresa

The happy outcome of oriental politics had given new vigor to the Austrian state and to the dynasty that ruled its fate. The weakening of France, since the early century. XVIII, still had to favor both and allow the Habsburgs of Austria to resume in the first half of the century. XVIII, a preponderant position… Read More »