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According to watchtutorials, Bangladesh is a densely populated country with a population of over 163 million people. The population density of Bangladesh is one of the highest in the world with 1,115 people per square kilometer. The majority of the population is Bengali Muslims, who account for over 90% of the total population. Hindus make up approximately 9%, while other religious groups such as Christians and Buddhists comprise less than 1%. The country’s population growth rate has been declining steadily since the mid-1990s, with a current annual growth rate estimated at 1.2%. The median age in Bangladesh is 25 years old, and more than 40% of the population is under 15. Life expectancy has increased significantly in recent years to 72 years for men and 74 years for women as health care access has improved. Literacy rates have also increased dramatically since independence, with nearly 73% of adults literate today compared to just 28% in 1971. Bangladesh also has one of the highest birth rates in Asia at 2.4 children per woman on average. This high fertility rate contributes to its high population growth rate despite declining mortality rates from improved healthcare access and nutrition standards. See localtimezone for Bangladesh Population and Language.

Bangladesh Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

Bangladesh: Political System According to EQUZHOU.NET, Bangladesh is a parliamentary democracy with pure majority voting. At the head of the state is a president who is directly elected by the people every five years. The five-year legislative period began on October 1st, 2001 with the first session of the national parliament with 330 members, 300… Read More »

How to get to Bangladesh

Overview Bangladesh is a country in Asia according to homosociety. Although the country of Bangladesh is still little explored, it offers its visitors plenty of opportunities to discover temples, animals, endless beaches, forests and tea plantations. The river cruises offered in Bangladesh are a great way to see the country’s attractions. This is also true… Read More »