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According to watchtutorials, Botswana is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa. It has an estimated population of 2,258,852 people, according to the World Bank. The population is largely concentrated in the eastern part of the country and is composed of several ethnic groups including Tswana, Kalanga, Basarwa (Bushmen), Bakgalagadi and Kgalagadi. The majority of the population are Tswana people who make up around 79% of the total population. The remaining 21% consists of other ethnic minorities such as Kalanga, Basarwa and Kgalagadi. The official language spoken in Botswana is English while Setswana is also widely spoken. Botswana has one of the highest population growth rates in Africa due to increasing life expectancy and declining fertility rates. In 2020 it was estimated that the population was growing at an annual rate of 1.6%. This high growth rate has put pressure on Botswana’s infrastructure and resources which has resulted in increased poverty levels in some areas. In addition, Botswana also faces a significant shortage of skilled labor due to its limited educational opportunities which have resulted in high unemployment levels among its youth population. Despite this, Botswana has managed to maintain a stable economy with steady economic growth since its independence from Britain in 1966. See ejinhua for Botswana Population and Language.

Botswana Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

Botswana: Political System According to CANCERMATTERS.NET, Botswana is a presidential republic in the Commonwealth. The bicameral parliament consists of the National Assembly with 40 members elected every five years and the consultative House of Chiefs with 15 members. The direct election of the head of state takes place every five years; re-election is possible once.… Read More »

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Overview Botswana is a country in Africa according to neovideogames. Botswana’s dramatic landscape includes dramatic salt pans, diamond-rich deserts and fertile plains that are home to numerous animal species. The north in particular is one of the best safari areas in southern Africa. More than 40% of Botswana’s area is national parks, nature reserves and… Read More »