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According to watchtutorials, Brazil is home to a population of over 208 million people, making it the fifth most populous country in the world. The majority (54%) of the population is made up of mixed-race individuals, with whites accounting for approximately 47% and Afro-Brazilians making up around 6%. The remaining 1% of the population comprises indigenous peoples and other ethnicities. The majority of Brazilians live in urban areas, with nearly 85% residing in cities and towns. In terms of language, Portuguese is by far the most widely spoken, with over 90% of Brazilians speaking it as their mother tongue. English is also widely spoken in certain regions, particularly in major cities such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. In addition to Portuguese and English, other languages such as Spanish and German are also spoken by some Brazilians. Religion plays an important role in Brazilian culture, with Catholicism being the predominant faith for many years. However, there has been an increase in religious diversity recently due to immigration from other countries. Currently, Protestantism accounts for 22% of religious affiliation while Spiritism makes up 8%, and other religions such as Islam or Buddhism account for approximately 2%. See itypetravel for Brazil Population and Language.

Brazil Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

Brazil: Political System According to DISEASESLEARNING.COM, the official name of the country is: Republica Federativa do Brasil (Federative Republic of Brazil) National anthem The Brazilian national anthem is: HINO NACIONAL DO BRASIL. The music is by Francisco Manuel da Silva (1795 – 1865) and the text by Joaquim Osório Duque Estrada (1870 – 1927). The… Read More »

How to Get to Brasilia, Brazil

There are no direct flights from Moscow to Brasilia, options with one transfer are rare. From Domodedovo, such flights are operated by the Portuguese Tap Air Portugal, sometimes in tandem with Aeroflot. Change of aircraft in Lisbon, waiting time – from 10 to 22 hours. The fastest flight with transfers in Paris and Sao Paulo… Read More »

How to get to Brazil

Overview Brazil is an alluring country of shimmering sandy beaches, tropical islands and quaint colonial cities. Its verdant rainforests are home to an incredible diversity of animal species, while its energetic metropolises are home to numerous ethnic groups. Brazil is best known for good football and music, and the passionate spirit of carnival lives in… Read More »

State University of Campinas (Brazil)

State University of Campinas or (UNICAMP) was officially founded on October 5, 1966, the day of laying its foundation stone. Considered by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Brazil as the best public university in the country. History In 1960, the state of São Paulo was already responsible for 40% of the country’s industrial… Read More »

Brazil Public Finance

The problem of maintaining stable financial conditions has arisen in the last decade in the presence of an incredible demographic push. Therefore, maintaining a high rate of economic development has been sacrificed, more or less deliberately, to internal financial stability. For Brazil 2003, please check computerannals.com. State investment commitments have resulted in an almost uninterrupted series… Read More »