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Tibet History

The mythological origin of the monarchy lay in the Tsangpo valley, where the first legendary king Nyatri Tsenpo was in 127 BC. Supposed to have founded the Yarlung dynasty, which existed until around 842 AD. Under their 33rd King Srongtsan Gampo (around 629–649), Tibet quickly became the dominant power in Central Asia; it extended from… Read More »


Confucianism of, – based on Confucius declining worldview or philosophy widespread, especially in China, but also in other parts of East Asia (especially Japan). Its founder felt himself to be a »narrator«, and in his teaching he combined numerous older v. a. social ideas that made Confucianism a complex and therefore very adaptable school of… Read More »

Beijing Universities and Churches

Well-known places Tiananmen Square (Tiananmen Square) The square that gained notoriety on the night of June 4th 1989 when a peaceful demonstration was brutally suppressed by the government and probably 3,000 by protesters. died, is to the south of the Forbidden City and the Palace Museum. If there is a center in Beijing, it is… Read More »

University Landscape in China

The Chinese university landscape in its present form is still quite young. Although there have been training centers for civil servants and scholars for a long time, the focus was on teaching ethics and morals and not on scientific or technical content. These found their way into higher education in China when the first universities… Read More »

Shanghai Travel Guide

Shanghai is a breathtakingly fast-growing city that shades with its grandeur. In Shanghai, the economy is buzzing and buildings are dripping with clouds. However, the true spirit of the city is felt at street level. East and west as well as traditional and modern merge in the daily life of Shanghai in a unique way.… Read More »