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According to watchtutorials, Colombia is a South American country that is home to more than 48 million people. It is the fourth most populous nation in Latin America and has one of the fastest growing populations in the world. The population of Colombia is diverse and includes many different ethnic groups, including indigenous peoples, Afro-Colombians, Europeans, Asians, and Middle Easterners. The majority of Colombians are mestizo or mixed race, with approximately 70% of the population being of mixed Spanish and Amerindian heritage. Other major ethnic groups include Afro-Colombian (14%), White (10%), and Indigenous (4%). The official language of Colombia is Spanish, but many other languages are spoken throughout the country. Among these are English, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese and Arabic. English has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its importance for international business. In terms of religion, Catholicism is the dominant faith in Colombia but there are also significant minorities who practice Protestantism and other religions such as Islam and Judaism. The Colombian economy has been steadily improving over the past decade due to an increase in foreign investment and improved economic policies. This has led to greater economic opportunities for Colombians which have helped reduce poverty levels as well as improve overall living standards across the country. In addition to its economy, Colombia also boasts some of the most stunning natural landscapes in South America including rainforests, beaches, mountains and volcanoes which attract both domestic and international tourists alike. See itypetravel for Colombia Population and Language.

Colombia Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

Colombia: Political System According to DISEASESLEARNING.COM, Colombia has been a presidential republic since 1886. The 1991 constitution stipulates that the state is headed by a president who is elected directly by the people every four years. The parliament (congress) is a bicameral system. It consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House… Read More »

How to get to Colombia

Overview Colombia is no longer just a country for the daring; it has emerged as one of South America’s trendiest travel destinations, despite decades of unrest. Nature in abundance – pristine mountains, coast and jungle – as well as breathtaking archaeological sites and a vibrant culture make Colombia absolutely worth seeing. Since the signing of… Read More »

Colombia Modern Arts

Architecture: The republican phase begins around 1880, with building activity initiated by the economically expanding state, the peak of which falls in the 1920s. Historically, this architecture, known as eclecticismo, is a belated echo of European historicism. The main representatives include: the French Gastón Lelarge (* around 1861, † 1934) and Arturo Jaramillo (* 1876,… Read More »