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According to watchtutorials, the population of Comoros is estimated to be around 841,000 people, making it the 154th most populous country in the world. Most of the population is concentrated in the low-lying coastal regions of Ngazidja, Mwali and Nzwani. The ethnic groups present on Comoros are predominantly African, with a small minority of Arab and Malagasy origins. The majority of Comoros’ population is Sunni Muslim, although there are also some Christians and Hindus present. The official language is French, although other languages such as Shikomoro, Swahili and Arabic are also spoken. The population density in Comoros is relatively high compared to other countries in Africa, at 594 people per square kilometer. This figure has increased significantly over the past few decades due to a high birth rate and limited land area available for settlement. In addition to this, much of the population lives in rural areas due to limited access to urban areas. This has led to an increase in poverty levels across the country as well as an increase in unemployment rates among younger generations due to limited job opportunities available outside of farming activities. Despite these issues, however, Comoros has seen some economic growth over recent years due mainly to its expanding tourism industry which provides employment for many citizens across the islands. See ejinhua for Comoros Population and Language.

Comoros Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

Comoros: Political System According to CANCERMATTERS.NET, the Union of Comoros is an Islamic Federal Republic. The unicameral parliament, the federal assembly, consists of 33 members. Of these, 18 are elected every five years and 15 are members of regional parliaments. The head of state is elected directly every four years, rotating between the three islands.… Read More »

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Overview Quiet, secluded and alcohol-free, Comoros is a magical and unspoilt retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The vegetation of the Comoros is lush and diverse: 65% of the world’s perfume oils come from here, mainly ylang-ylang, jasmine and orange oil. Spices such as nutmeg, cloves, pepper and vanilla are also grown… Read More »

Comoros Children and School

School in the Comoros Schooling is in very bad shape in the Comoros. Only around 60 out of 100 boys go to school, compared to just half of the girls. Overall, the girls are much less educated. In the meantime there is compulsory schooling in the Comoros and school does not cost anything, but there… Read More »