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How to get to Cyprus

Overview Cyprus may be a small country, but it has a very vibrant Mediterranean character and draws visitors with its momentous legends of love, its epic past of more than 10,000 years and its diverse, extremely tasty cuisine. After a meal of salty halloumi cheese, spicy dolma (stuffed vine leaves) and kleftiko (slow-baked lamb), one… Read More »

Cyprus Geopolitics

Cyprus still represents today the emblem of a disputed territory within the European continent. Due to its peculiar position, Cyprus historically represents the crossroads between the Middle East and Europe. A former colonial possession of the British Empire, Cyprus became independent in 1960, following the signing of the Treaty of Zurich and London. The treaty,… Read More »

Cyprus History Timeline

According to computergees, Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean 50 km south of Turkey. Internationally, the Republic of Cyprus is recognized as the rightful government of the whole island, but it controls only the southern two thirds of the island. In ancient times, the natives called Cyprus Alashiya. In Mari, a large city on… Read More »