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According to watchtutorials, the population of Czech Republic is estimated to be 10.7 million as of 2020. The majority of the population belongs to the Czech ethnic group, which makes up about 63% of the total population. The remaining 37% is composed of other ethnicities such as Moravian, Slovak, Polish, German and Roma. The average age of the population is 41 years old with a median age of 42 years old. The life expectancy at birth is 75 years for males and 81 years for females. Czech Republic has a relatively low fertility rate compared to other countries in the European Union (EU). In 2019, it was 1.53 children born per woman, which ranked it among the lowest in EU countries. This has resulted in a decrease in the proportion of children aged 0-14 from 17% to 15%. On the other hand, people aged 65 and over have increased from 15% to 18%. This aging population trend is expected to continue over time due to low fertility rates and increasing life expectancy rates. The Czech Republic has a high level of education attainment with 87% literacy rate among adults aged 25-64 years old. Additionally, nearly one third (32%) have attained tertiary education or higher which is comparable to other EU countries. Furthermore, nearly 95% of secondary school students obtain qualifications that allow them access into universities or colleges upon graduation. This reflects a high level of educational attainment among Czech citizens which contributes positively towards economic development within the country. See iamhigher for Czech Republic Population and Language.

Tourism in Czech Republic

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How to get to Czech Republic

Overview The Czech Republic, a historical gem in the heart of Europe, may be small, but it’s in the tourist premier league thanks to its fairytale castles, medieval towns, elegant spas and picturesque national parks. Some of the best beers in the world also come from here. The capital of the Czech Republic, as the… Read More »

Dos & Don’ts in Czech Republic

Behavioral tips for the Czech Republic As a general rule, everyone is different and just because someone is of Czech nationality does not mean that they generally avoid conflicts or that they always insist on being addressed with their academic title. It is important to always remain open and as free of prejudice as possible… Read More »