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How to get to Ethiopia

Overview Ethiopia is a country in Africa according to eningbo. Ethiopia is home to some of the highest and most amazing scenery on the African continent, like the jagged Simien Mountains, and also some of the lowest, like the Danakil Depression with its sulfur fumaroles and lunar landscapes. Culturally too, Ethiopia is one of the… Read More »

Ethiopia History in the 1960’s

After 1960, the re-established ruler Ḫāyla Sellāsē could not ignore the new political atmosphere created after the attempted overthrow of his government. On the other hand, even after 1960 the attacks continued, albeit clandestine and cautiously anonymous, against the sovereign and the government he headed, and several times (1961, 1962, 1964, 1966) different plots were… Read More »

Ethiopia History

According to a legend, which traces the similar Judeo-Christian-Muslim ones, the origin of the Empire of Ethiopia dates back to Menelik I, born from the meeting of Solomon with the Ethiopian queen Maqeda, better known with the name of Queen of Sheba. According to historically established facts, the origin of the empire is reconnected to… Read More »