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How to Get Around Germany

Transportation Traveling by plane Lufthansa (LH) is the best-known domestic German airline. Eurowings (EW) connects numerous German cities. In summer, connections are offered by on-demand flight services with fixed departure times to Helgoland, Sylt and some East Frisian islands such as Usedom. Air Hamburg (HH) flies from Hamburg to Helgoland, Sylt and Juist. In the… Read More »

Germany Attractions

Baltic coast On the Baltic Sea coast, where there are no tides like on the North Sea, the islands of Hiddensee, Rügen and Usedom are magnets for visitors. The almost untouched landscape on Hiddensee is diverse and the abundance of birds not only attracts ornithologists. Rügen is the largest German island. It is a popular… Read More »

How to get to Germany

Overview Modern Germany occupies a central place in Europe – both geographically and politically – and is an incredibly diverse travel destination. It is a land of fine arts, foaming beer, half-timbered towns and dynamic urban landscapes. Those looking for the “typically German” will be surprised by the reality. Germany has shaken off the shackles… Read More »

Germany Early History

HISTORY: PREHISTORY The territory between the Rhine and the Oder was inhabited since very ancient times. Among the oldest known human remains on the European continent is the Mauer jaw in Baden-Württemberg, discovered in 1907, associated with a Middle Pleistocene fauna at Elephas antiquus, Rhinoceros etruscus and Machaïrodus and attributed to a European variety of… Read More »