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How to get to Ghana

Overview Ghana is a country in Africa according to mathgeneral. Ghana is blessed with great natural wealth and although its national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are relatively small compared to other African countries, various species of antelope, monkeys, lions and elephants can be seen here. Above all, birds and butterflies are numerous in the Ghanaian… Read More »

Best Travel Time and Climate for Ghana

Best travel time The best travel time for Ghana is from July to August and from November to March. This is a relatively dry phase, while Ghana has a predominantly tropical climate all year round and it is hot and humid. Of these two travel seasons, July and August are the slightly cooler months as… Read More »

Ghana Children and School

School in Ghana School attendance is compulsory in Ghana. It is therefore regulated by law that children have to go to school, from six to 16 years of age. But not all children go to school. Why is that? There are children who don’t go to school because they work. In the country, they work… Read More »