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According to top-mba-universities, Maui County, Hawaii is the second largest county in the state and encompasses the islands of Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and Kahoolawe. The area has been inhabited for centuries by Polynesian people and was first discovered by western explorers in 1778. The original inhabitants of Maui County were Native Hawaiians who had lived on the islands for thousands of years before Europeans arrived. These Native Hawaiians developed a distinctive culture that included religion, language, music, dance, art and architecture. They also created an advanced agricultural system that provided sustenance for the population. In 1810, King Kamehameha I unified the Hawaiian Islands to create the Kingdom of Hawaii. During this period, missionaries from Europe arrived to convert Native Hawaiians to Christianity and introduced new technologies such as sugarcane production and irrigation systems. In 1893, a group of businessmen overthrew the Hawaiian monarchy and established a republic government that lasted until 1898 when Hawaii was annexed by the United States as its 50th state. Maui County was officially established in 1905 when it was split off from Honolulu County as part of a statewide reorganization effort. The county quickly grew in population due to an influx of immigrants from Asia and Europe who came to work in sugarcane fields or pineapple plantations. By 1940 there were over 60,000 people living in Maui County making it one of the most populous counties in Hawaii at that time. Today, Maui County is home to over 170,000 people who enjoy a diverse culture influenced by both traditional Hawaiian values and modern American ideals. The economy is largely driven by tourism with visitors coming from all over the world to enjoy its beautiful beaches and natural attractions like Haleakala National Park or Iao Valley State Monument. Maui County, Hawaii is served by the Hawaii State Department of Education, which governs all public schools in the state. The county is divided into three school districts: the Maui District, the Molokai-Lanai Complex Area and the Hana District. Each district oversees a number of elementary, middle and high schools that serve students living in their respective areas. The Maui District is comprised of 18 elementary schools, seven middle schools and four high schools. It also includes two charter schools and one special education school. The Molokai-Lanai Complex Area has six elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. Finally, the Hana District includes four elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. All public schools in Maui County offer a variety of educational programs to meet the needs of its diverse student population. These programs include Advanced Placement (AP) courses for college-bound students as well as special education services for students with disabilities or learning challenges. In addition to core academic classes such as math and science, many Maui County public schools offer electives in music, art, language arts and physical education to help students explore their interests outside of traditional coursework. The Hawaii State Department of Education also provides support services for students including nutrition programs, after-school activities and mental health services through its Student Support Services Division (SSSD). SSSD works with families to ensure that all students have access to a quality education regardless of their backgrounds or financial circumstances. Overall, Maui County’s public school system provides a comprehensive educational experience for its students while also maintaining strong ties to local Hawaiian culture. Through its various programs and initiatives it strives to ensure that every student graduates prepared for success in college or the workforce. Check top-medical-schools for geography, history, culture and flag of Hawaii.

Princeville, Hawaii

According to Campingship, Princeville is a small town located on the north shore of the Hawaiian island of Kauai. It is situated in a lush and tropical region with breathtaking views of the ocean, mountains, and valleys. The area is known for its stunning scenery, which includes the world-famous Napali Coast and Hanalei Bay. Princeville… Read More »

List of MBA Colleges in Hawaii

Welcome to the top MBA directory in Hawaii. We have created the list of best Hawaii business colleges that provide BBA, MBA or DBA programs. Most business schools offer full-time, part-time and executive education. Such rankings are based on the student surveys, alumni reviews, admissions profiles, employment rates, average starting salary and peer school assessment.… Read More »

University of Hawaii-Manoa Shidler College of Business

The University of Hawaii-Manoa Shidler College of Business is a top-tier business school located in Honolulu, Hawaii. It’s the only business school in the state to be accredited by AACSB International and offers an array of undergraduate and graduate programs. The college is renowned for its highly ranked MBA program, as well as specialized degree… Read More »

Cities and Resorts in Hawaii

Haleakala Crater Haleakala Crater, Red Hill, volcano and highest point on the island of Maui, Hawaii; 3057 m, most recently active in the middle of the 1700s. The volcano and its 600-1000 m deep and almost 50 km2 large crater is part of Haleakala National Park, which since its establishment in 1961 has been the… Read More »