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How to get to Hungary

Overview Hungary is a country in Europe according to politicsezine. Surrounded by Slavic lands, little Hungary (Magyarország) is unique in its language, culture and will to survive. Hungarians are incredibly proud of their nation, but that pride is not solely due to their bravery as a people. Hungary also has a number of historic cities… Read More »

Hungary in the 1990’s

In the Hungary the transition from the socialist regime to democracy took place without major shocks. At the beginning of the nineties, the first free elections had taken place which guaranteed a majority in Parliament to the center formations, but the governments that had been an expression of this, having failed with the planned economic… Read More »

Hungary Arts

Romanized in the period from the Flavians to Marcus Aurelius, in the sec. I and II Hungary was enriched with numerous cities such as Sabaria (Szombathely), Scarbantia (Sopron), Valcum (Fenékpuszta), Sopianae (Pécs). Among the major documents of the time are the frescoes and mosaic floors of the governor’s villa in Obuda and the statues of the capitolium of Scarbantia. Under the Huns metalworking reached a… Read More »