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According to watchtutorials, Italy is a highly diverse and populous country, with the fourth largest population in Europe. As of 2019, the population of Italy is estimated to be around 60.5 million people. The majority of the population is concentrated in the northern regions, such as Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna. This is due to the fact that these areas are more industrialized and developed than other parts of the country. Additionally, these regions are more densely populated due to their proximity to major cities like Rome and Milan. In terms of age structure, Italy has an aging population with approximately 22% aged 65 years or older; while youth under 15 years old make up just 14.2% of the population. The majority of Italians belong to the Roman Catholic Church, although there are also other religious denominations present such as Islam and Judaism. Nearly all Italian citizens speak Italian as their first language; however there are also several regional dialects spoken throughout the country which vary from region to region. In terms of immigration, Italy has seen an increase in immigrants over recent years coming from countries such as Morocco, Albania and Romania who come seeking economic opportunities or fleeing conflict in their home countries. See iamhigher for Italy Population and Language.

Entertainment and Attractions in Milan, Italy

Milan, to be honest, does not really fit into the image of a typical Italian city. Nevertheless, the sights of the city are quite numerous, and among them there are simply masterpieces that make the capital of Lombardy no less significant point on the tourist map than Verona and Venice. Check topschoolsintheusa to learn more about… Read More »

Italy Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

Italy: political system According to COMPUTERMINUS.COM, Italy is a parliamentary democracy headed by the President as head of state. The country’s parliament consists of two chambers, the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, which are elected every five years and have equal rights. The head of government is the prime minister, who is elected by… Read More »

Sightseeing in Italy

Rovereto, Trentino-Alto Adige (Italy) According to EZHOUSHAN.NET, Rovereto is located in the Trentino-Alto Adige region, 25 km south of Trento. It is the administrative center of the Val Lagarina valley. The city is interesting Museum of Modern Art, Military Museum, which is located in the Castello castle (the museum is dedicated to the First World… Read More »

How to get to Italy

Overview Italy is a country in Europe according to pharmacylib. Italy rightly has absolute cult status as a travel destination, because it offers many attractions for international tourists – a dreamlike landscape, countless fascinating cities, a fantastic cultural heritage, a trend-setting fashion industry – but it is and remains above all Italian. Wanting to see… Read More »

Italy Armed Forces

Historical background . – Right from the beginning of the unification of Italy and then, more and more, as it proceeded and completed, the need arose to build a strong “Italian” army. Numerous but disparate elements of varying efficiency were available for this constitution; however, there was a solid, reliable, excellent nucleus around which it was possible to group… Read More »

Italy Foreign Policy: Monaco

Mussolini, on his behalf, was now affected by his intimate indifference to the Holy See. According to Countryvv, the work for peace explained by Pius XI, particularly in the last months of his life, and continued by his successor, cannot be attributed an influence on Fascist foreign policy; The full solidarity with Germany affected by… Read More »

Italy Prehistory – Bronze Age

The same cannot be said for the subsequent Aeneas age, in which a new fact is really felt, with the consequence of the setting of serious and discussed problems by paleoethnologists, and in which one must recognize the formative basis of that civilization which then it will be the Italian of the historic dawn. The… Read More »

Italy Rural Dwellings Part II

According to Topschoolsintheusa, the recurrence of these elementary structures does not alter the normal prevalence of the more advanced types of dwelling. What we can call the traditional Italic type, and which, due to the presence of certain structural elements, Ferrari calls “latinou,” is given by the masonry construction, with two floors, with a slightly sloping… Read More »

Italy Rural Dwellings Part I

According to Usaers, Italy has a great variety of rural dwellings, both for what concerns the differences in structure and for the architectural forms and materials used in the construction. The simplest and most primitive structures can be given by the house consisting of a single room, without windows or fireplace, with the fireplace in the… Read More »

Italy Public Finance Part II

In fact, the factors of contraction of gold reserves were accentuating (excess of imports, reduction of active freight rates, tourism, remittances, high expenses for the passage of the Suez Canal, etc.), while the circulation of tickets necessarily increased and as early as July 1935, in order to avoid credit deflation, it had been necessary to… Read More »

Italy Public Finance Part I

According to Transporthint, the hope of a resumption of international collaboration failed with the London World Conference of June 1933 and the antagonistic positions of the countries of the so-called gold bloc and of those anchored to the dollar and sterling and fluctuating with them became more rigid, economic nationalism was accentuated everywhere, affecting the… Read More »

Italy Cinema Part II

Less convincing is the following film, Tea in the Desert (1990), from the novel by P. Bowles, also however, albeit with literary insistence and somewhat gratuitous implications, capable of involving with a spectacular vitality never an end in itself and charge every page with an intense emotional force. G. Bertolucci, his brother, perhaps flies less high, but… Read More »

Italy Cinema Part I

Despite the recurring crises and the many legislative shortcomings, the balance of the Italian cinema of the Eighties can be defined as positive at least as regards the confirmation of already established authors, the maturation of some ” promises ” and the emergence of new gifted authors of good flair and discreet originality. Among the… Read More »

Italy Ethnography Part II

Hamlets. – Common in various places on the peninsula is the use of small gold rings, which men wear to their ears and which are sometimes reduced to just one for the right ear, as in Vodnjan in Istria. But this kind of earrings which, it is said, serve to keep the eyes sharp, do not have… Read More »

Italy Ethnography Part I

The costume. – The traditional costume, which in most of Italy now tends to disappear due to the leveling of the general conditions of life, demonstrates, especially in clothes, the influence of different factors: climatic, religious, political. In various places, tradition traces its shape and other particularities (shape, color, ornaments, etc.), especially as regards women’s clothing, to… Read More »

The Latest Italian Resistances Part III

To fight against the king of Spain, Paul IV not only joined France but also hired Germans; he also proposed to Suleiman that he no longer attack Hungary but the two Sicilies, he himself made war against the viceroyalty of Naples in 1557. But he succeeded in nothing. No concord between the three allies France, Pope, Este. The… Read More »

The Latest Italian Resistances Part II

But also from the camp opposite to Protestantism, that is, the papacy, came the opposition to Spain and the Empire, however much they personified and defended Catholic orthodoxy within and outside their vast domain. But Spain meant, in addition to some hindrance to nepotism, a permanent danger for the State of the Church and for the… Read More »

The Latest Italian Resistances Part I

With the coronation of Bologna, of course, an Italian political life did not cease, nor even a certain effort aimed at lightening the protection or preventing it from spreading to the whole peninsula. Indeed, it can be said that that sense of precariousness of Italian things and of perennial expectation begins now, which will become the… Read More »

Italy Monetation Part II

Passing Salerno to the Normans in 1077, the issues of fullers continued under the new sovereigns, until 1194, with a notable series of ever-different types, perhaps due to renovationes currency and of fiscal origin. Types include frontal and profile busts and heads, fortifications, palm trees and other plants, vegetal and geometric decorative motifs, animals of… Read More »

Italy Monetation Part I

The political splitting of the Italy medieval is directly reflected in the production of money: this being one of the most strongly representative expressions of power, it is not surprising that sovereign entities of all sizes, including small municipalities, have at some time struck their own money. If apparently it may therefore seem difficult to… Read More »

Italy Establishment of the New Provinces Part II

Rimini. – The institution of this province, created by separating 20 municipalities from the province of Forlì, is configured as an adjustment of the legal situation to the factual one, through the recognition of the condition of substantial autonomy that characterized the Rimini area. This recognition follows the establishment of the district of the same… Read More »

Italy Establishment of the New Provinces Part I

The Italian administrative system, which until 1967 was divided into 92 provinces, during the 1970s was enriched with three new units (Isernia, Pordenone and Oristano) to which eight others were added: those of Biella, Crotone, Lecco, Lodi, Rimini, Vibo Valentia and Prato, established with DL March 6, 1992 (respectively nos. 248-254) and that of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola,… Read More »

For the Freedom of Italy Part II

And yet, even after this failure, the practices did not cease, albeit more often with diplomatic agreements than with the apparatus of weapons; hopes did not fall, indeed the optimism of many: all the more so since, after a few months, Pescara died. There was much doubt of the sincerity of the French court and of the… Read More »

For the Freedom of Italy Part I

The old thought of the Italian league was returning to the surface. From France came incitements of resistance and war, and offers of aid. According to Aceinland, the union of the crowns of Spain, Germany and the empire, the latest events in Italy and the coup of Pavia, had given the court much thought. To which came… Read More »

Facts of Italy

Below you will find practical information in connection with trips to Italy Language: Italian Capital: Gypsy Population: 62 mill. Religion: Roman Catholicism Currency: Euro Surface: 301 340 km2 Worth knowing Time difference There is no time difference between Italy and Sweden. Transport in Italy The buses we travel with in Italy are in good condition… Read More »

Milan Travel Guide

Milan may end up a bit in the shadow of Rome, Venice and Florence when it comes to tourist cities in Italy, but is still a city that has many sights and experiences. The city of Milan is located in the far north of the country, and with over 1.3 million inhabitants is the largest… Read More »

Attractions in Rome

The tourist attractions and sights are closest in line when visiting Rome. One should set aside plenty of time to visit the most famous sights, especially during the tourist seasons, as there are often very long queues here. It is impossible to see all the sights when visiting Rome, but we have selected a bunch… Read More »