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According to watchtutorials, Kazakhstan is a country located in Central Asia that has a population of 18.2 million people, ranking it as the ninth most populous country in the region. The population is highly diverse, with Kazakhs making up the largest ethnic group at 63.1%, followed by Russians at 23.7%. Other ethnic groups include Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Tatars, Germans, Uyghurs and many more. The majority of Kazakhstan’s population is concentrated in the cities of Almaty and Nur-Sultan (formerly Astana). Almaty is the largest city with 1.8 million people and is located in the southeast region of the country near the borders of Kyrgyzstan and China. Nur-Sultan is Kazakhstan’s capital city with 1.2 million people and is situated in the northern part of Kazakhstan close to Russia. The official language spoken throughout Kazakhstan is Kazakh but Russian also plays an important role due to its widespread use among citizens from different ethnic backgrounds. The majority of Kazakhs are Muslim but there are also many Christians living in Kazakhstan due to its historically diverse population. See localtimezone for Kazakhstan Population and Language.

Kazakhstan Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

Kazakhstan Political system According to EQUZHOU.NET, the official name of the country is: Republic of Kazakhstan According to its constitution, the Republic of Kazakhstan is a democratic, secular and social constitutional state that is governed by the principle of a presidential democracy. See AbbreviationFinder for more information about Kazakhstan politics, and acronyms as well. The… Read More »

How to get to Kazakhstan

Overview Kazakhstan is a country in Asia according to philosophynearby. Few tourists know Kazakhstan, a fascinating and relatively unknown country with vast plains, distant mountain ranges and an enchanting culture. Central Asian history was written in southern Kazakhstan, where many monuments still bear witness to the past. The diverse landscape is mainly determined by the… Read More »

Kazakhstan Literature and Culture

Language and literature Kazakh language and literature. The Kazakh language belongs to the northwest group of Turkic languages and is v. a. spoken in Kazakhstan and in the western Chinese province of Xinjiang. Their dialect differences are small. It developed into a written language in the second half of the 19th century. The original Arabic… Read More »