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According to top-mba-universities, Franklin County, Maine is a county located in the state of Maine. It is bordered by Oxford County to the north, Androscoggin County to the east, Kennebec County to the south, and Somerset County to the west. Franklin County covers 1,764 square miles and has a population of approximately 30,000 people. The area that would become Franklin County was first inhabited by Native American tribes such as the Abenaki and Penobscot. The first European settlers arrived in 1776 and established several townships in the area including Farmington and Wilton. In 1838, Franklin County was officially created from parts of Kennebec and Somerset counties and named after Benjamin Franklin. The economy of Franklin County was largely agricultural until the mid-1800s when it shifted to industry due to its proximity to major rivers such as the Androscoggin and Dead Rivers. This allowed for easy transportation of goods from mills along these rivers into larger cities like Lewiston-Auburn for distribution across New England. Throughout its history, Franklin County has been known for its outdoor recreation opportunities such as hunting, fishing, camping, snowmobiling, skiing and hiking which attract many people from all over New England each year. It also has several trails for biking as well as many scenic drives such as along Route 4 which runs through western Franklin county offering amazing views of Mt Blue State Park. Franklin county is home to several notable landmarks including Mt Blue State Park which offers over 8 miles of trails for hiking; Rangeley Lakes National Wildlife Refuge which provides habitat for migratory birds; Flagstaff Lake which is popular with boaters; The Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railroad which offers steam train rides through western Maine; The Wilton Historical Society Museum which houses local artifacts; Lake Auburn Great Falls Trail offering stunning views over Lake Auburn; Grafton Notch State Park with its impressive waterfalls; Androscoggin Riverwalk providing a picturesque stroll along the banks of this river; And Rangeley Lakes Region Logging Museum showcasing local logging history. Today, Franklin county remains an important part of Maine’s economy due to its natural resources such as timber harvesting and recreational opportunities that draw tourists from all over New England each year looking to experience the beauty that this region has to offer. The school district of Franklin County, Maine is comprised of six public school districts, each serving students in grades Pre-K through 12. The districts are: Avon, Eustis-Farnham, Mt. Blue Regional School Unit (RSU 9), Rangeley Lakes Regional School Unit (RSU 58), Strong-Farnham and Wilton-Lyonsdale. Avon is a small rural community that serves the towns of Avon, Chesterville and New Sharon. It has one elementary school (Pre-K through 8th grade) and a high school (9th through 12th grade). Avon offers a variety of courses including core subjects such as math, science and English as well as electives in music, art and physical education. Eustis-Farnham serves the towns of Eustis and Stratton with one elementary school (Pre-K through 5th grade) and a middle/high school (6th through 12th grade). The district offers many academic opportunities such as Advanced Placement classes and dual enrollment with nearby colleges. Mt Blue RSU 9 serves students from the towns of Farmington, Industry, New Vineyard and Temple. It has two elementary schools (Pre-K through 4th grade), one middle school (5th through 8th grade) and one high school (9th through 12th grade). Students have access to a variety of courses including STEM classes in robotics and engineering technology; world language classes; career exploration courses; and Advanced Placement options. Rangeley Lakes RSU 58 serves the towns of Dallas Plantation, Oquossoc Village Township, Rangeley Plantation Township and Sandy River Plantation Township with one elementary/middle school (Pre-K through 8th grade). Students have access to numerous learning opportunities including advanced math classes; hands on science classes; Spanish language instruction; music ensembles; art classes; physical education programs; outdoor education programs; student clubs & organizations; athletics & sports teams; afterschool activities & tutoring services & more. Strong Farnham serves the town of Strong with one elementary/middle schools (Pre-K through 8th grade). The district provides its students with a variety of academic resources such as an extensive library collection for research projects & homework help; Spanish language instruction for Pre-kindergarteners all the way up to 8th graders; Special Education services. Check top-medical-schools for geography, history, culture and flag of Maine.

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