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How to get to Malawi

Overview Malawi is a country in Africa according to payhelpcenter. Malawi offers travelers a unique landscape with beautiful valleys and rare animal species. Evergreen forests and waterfalls can be admired from the heights of the plateaus. Every trip to Malawi includes safaris and hikes in absolutely untouched nature, far away from asphalt roads and tourist… Read More »

Malawi Children and School

Lessons outdoors In Malawi, all children between the ages of five and 13 should actually go to school. At least that’s what the law says. But many people in Malawi are poor and cannot afford to buy school books. Nevertheless, almost every child in Malawi goes to school, according to Unicef. But three out of… Read More »

Children Education in Malawi

Monday, February 14, 2017 is a historic day for girls in Malawi. It is the day when 131 out of 133 MEPs voted in favor of changing the age of marriage from 15 years (with parental consent) to 18 years. Malawi is located in southern Africa and is ranked number twelve in the world for… Read More »