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According to watchtutorials, Malta is a small island country located in the Mediterranean Sea. It has a population of approximately 475,000 people. The majority of the population is ethnic Maltese, with a small minority of foreign-born immigrants from other European countries. The official language is Maltese but English is widely spoken and understood. The primary religion practiced in Malta is Roman Catholicism, which accounts for the majority of the population. There are also small communities of Protestants, Muslims and Jews. The median age in Malta is 42 years old, with a life expectancy of 81 years old for men and 84 years old for women. This makes Malta one of the oldest countries in Europe with a high life expectancy rate compared to other European countries. Education is highly valued in Malta, with almost all citizens having at least an upper secondary education or higher. Maltese citizens enjoy free education at all levels and have access to quality healthcare services provided by the government through their national health insurance scheme. In terms of economy, Malta has experienced steady growth over recent decades due to its service-based industries such as banking, finance and tourism. It also has strong manufacturing sectors such as electronics and pharmaceuticals that have contributed significantly to its economic growth. In addition, Malta’s strategic location in the Mediterranean makes it an attractive destination for international companies looking to do business in Europe. Lastly, its attractive tax system makes it an attractive place for foreign investment which has further boosted its economy over recent years. See iamhigher for Malta Population and Language.

Malta Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

Malta: Political System According to COMPUTERMINUS.COM, Malta is a republic in the Commonwealth. The unicameral parliament consists of 65, maximum 69 members (bonus rule), who are elected every five years. The head of state is also elected every five years by parliament. See AbbreviationFinder for more information about Malta politics, and acronyms as well. The… Read More »

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Overview Malta is a country in Europe according to internetsailors. Malta – a small country with big character – that means bright blue water, hidden bays, medieval citadels and magnificent baroque churches. Year after year tourists flock to Malta to see its stunning coastline, enjoy fresh seafood and explore the many historic buildings and colorful… Read More »

Malta Geography

Malta – key data Area: 316 km² Population: 408,333 (July 2011 estimate, CIA). The Maltese population is made up of descendants of Carthaginians and Phoenicians with strong influences fromItalians and other Mediterranean peoples together. Population density: 1,292 people per km² Population growth: 0.375% per year (2011, CIA). Capital: Valetta (6,300 residents, 2005) Highest point: Ta’Dmejrek… Read More »