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According to top-mba-universities, Elko County, Nevada is located in the northeast corner of the state and is bordered by Humboldt County to the north and White Pine County to the east. The county seat is Elko, and other major towns include Wells, Carlin, Spring Creek, and West Wendover. The county has a population of approximately 50,000 people spread across 4,181 square miles. The history of Elko County dates back to the early 1800s when fur trappers first began exploring the region. In 1869, a group of prospectors discovered gold in nearby Humboldt River and soon after a small settlement was established in what is now Elko City. Over the next several decades, mining became an important part of Elko’s economy as numerous veins of gold and silver were discovered throughout the region. In 1873, Elko County was officially established as one of Nevada’s original nine counties. It was named after an Indian chief called “Elkho” who lived in the area during the early days of settlement. During this period, many new towns were founded throughout Elko County including Carlin (1876), Wells (1877), Spring Creek (1879), and West Wendover (1905). In 1908, a transcontinental railroad line was completed through Elko County that connected San Francisco with Omaha via Salt Lake City. This made it much easier for people to travel through the region which helped spur economic development in the area. By 1920, there were over twenty-five mining operations active in Elko County which employed thousands of miners from around the world. During World War II there was an influx of military personnel into Elko as several air bases were built throughout the county for training purposes. Afterward many soldiers chose to stay in Elko for employment opportunities created by a growing agricultural industry which included ranching and farming operations that are still active today. Today, much of Elko’s economy is based on tourism due to its proximity to several popular outdoor recreation areas including Ruby Mountains National Recreation Area and Great Basin National Park. The county also has a thriving gaming industry centered around its two casinos located in West Wendover which attract visitors from all over Nevada and Utah. Elko County School District is the main school district in the county, serving over 8,000 students in 14 schools. The district offers a variety of educational programs and services to meet the needs of all students. The district is comprised of eight elementary schools, three middle schools, two high schools, and one alternative school. The elementary schools are designed to provide a positive learning environment for young students while introducing them to core academic subjects such as math, science, language arts, and social studies. Each school also offers special programs such as music and art classes and physical education. The middle schools focus on providing a more rigorous curriculum that prepares students for high school academics. In addition to traditional core classes such as math and science, these schools offer electives in foreign language, technology & engineering, art & music, health & wellness, and career & technical education. The two high schools offer a comprehensive curriculum that includes Advanced Placement (AP) courses and college-level classes through dual enrollment with Great Basin College (GBC). In addition to traditional academic subjects such as math and English language arts (ELA), these schools offer courses in business administration & finance; health sciences; fine arts including theater & dance; performing arts including band & orchestra; foreign languages; technology including computer science & engineering; social sciences including history; physical education; career technical education (CTE); special education services; advanced placement courses (AP); college dual enrollment with GBC; student clubs/organizations/athletics/activities/service projects. Elko County School District also provides special education services for students with disabilities ranging from mild to severe levels of impairment. These services include Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), which provide specialized instruction tailored to meet each student’s unique needs. In addition to providing educational opportunities for Elko County’s children with disabilities, the district also offers an array of extracurricular activities such as athletics (including football and basketball teams), clubs/organizations/service projects designed to help students develop leadership skills while giving back to their community. Check top-medical-schools for geography, history, culture and flag of Nevada.

Zephyr Cove, Nevada

According to Topschoolsintheusa, Zephyr Cove, Nevada is located in Douglas County and is home to a population of around 2,500 people. The town is situated on the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe and provides stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains. The climate in Zephyr Cove is mild and temperate throughout the year, with… Read More »

List of MBA Colleges in Nevada

Welcome to the top MBA directory in Nevada. We have created the list of best Nevada business colleges that provide BBA, MBA or DBA programs. Most business schools offer full-time, part-time and executive education. Such rankings are based on the student surveys, alumni reviews, admissions profiles, employment rates, average starting salary and peer school assessment.… Read More »

University of Nevada-Reno College of Business Administration

The University of Nevada-Reno College of Business Administration (UNR CBA) is one of the top business schools in the region. With a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, UNR CBA offers students a quality education that is tailored to their individual needs. The college offers both traditional and online courses, giving students the flexibility… Read More »

University of Nevada-Las Vegas College of Business

The University of Nevada-Las Vegas College of Business is one of the largest business schools in the western United States. It offers a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, including a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, an MBA, and a Master of Accountancy. Students can choose from a variety of concentrations including Finance, Accounting,… Read More »

Las Vegas, Nevada

The history of the founding of this breathtaking metropolis, which is one of the fastest growing cities in the whole USA, is extraordinary: The Hoover Dam provided cheap electricity and Nevada’s quite liberal gambling legislation provided a good basis. The dam was finished in 1935, the first hotel arrived in 1941, and just under five… Read More »

Cities and Resorts in Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” – this sign at the south end of the world-famous “Strip” has welcomed guests to one of the world’s largest gaming metropolises since 1959. Las Vegas is the largest city in the US state of Nevada and is best known for its many casinos and wedding chapels.… Read More »