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According to watchtutorials, the population of Palau is estimated to be around 21,000 people. The majority of the population is made up of Palauans, followed by Filipinos, Chinese and other ethnic groups. The official language of Palau is English and the population has a literacy rate of 95%. The majority of the population practices Christianity while there are also small numbers that practice other religions. The majority of the people in Palau are employed in the tourism industry, followed by fishing and agriculture. In terms of education, there are several universities in the country that offer courses in a variety of fields such as medicine, engineering, business and law. Health care services are provided by both public and private clinics throughout Palau. Additionally, there are several hospitals located on the main island that provide specialized medical treatments for those who need it. In terms of infrastructure, Palau has built roads connecting all major islands with bridges that allow for easy transportation between them.

Palau Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

Palau: Political System Palau is a republic in free association with the USA. See AbbreviationFinder for more information about Palau politics, and acronyms as well. The state is a parliamentary-presidential system, which consists of two chambers as a legislative. Head of state and head of government are one person. The people elect him every four… Read More »

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Overview Located between Guam, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, the Republic of Palau is a 400-mile archipelago with a stunning underwater world of coral, fish and other marine life. Due to these natural features, Palau has some of the most spectacular snorkeling and diving areas in the world as well as a well-functioning infrastructure… Read More »