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According to watchtutorials, the population of Panama is estimated to be around 4.3 million people as of July 2020. The majority of the population is located in the urban areas, with over half of it concentrated mainly in the Panama City metropolitan area. The rest are spread out throughout the provinces and islands. The population is quite diverse, with many different ethnic backgrounds and nationalities represented, including African-Caribbean, Chinese, Indigenous Panamanians, Mestizos (mixed European and Indigenous), Mulattos (mixed African-Caribbean and European), and White Panamanians. The Panamanian population is also quite young, with a median age of 27 years old. This reflects the country’s high fertility rate as well as its high rate of immigration from other countries. In addition to this youthful population, there are also large numbers of retirees from other countries who have chosen Panama as their retirement destination due to its favorable tax laws and low cost of living. In terms of religion, Roman Catholicism is the most popular faith followed by a significant number who practice Protestantism or Evangelicalism. Other religions practiced in Panama include Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism among others. In terms of language spoken in Panama, Spanish is the official language while English is widely spoken among many expatriates living in the country. There are also several indigenous languages still spoken by some indigenous groups such as Ngabere (or Guaymi), Embera/Wounaan and Kuna Yala/Kuna/Guna among others. See itypetravel for Panama Population and Language.

Panama Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

Panama: Political System After the constitutional amendment of August 1, 1972, Panama is a republic with an elected president as head of state and head of government. Parliament, the legislative assembly, is elected every five years and consists of 72 members. See AbbreviationFinder for more information about Panama politics, and acronyms as well. According to… Read More »

How to get to Panama

Overview Panama is an exciting mix of diverse cultural influences. It is located in the middle of America and forms the link between North and South America through its natural land bridge. Its strategic location and lush landscape, which includes both jungle and sun-kissed sandy beaches, ensure Panama’s internationally significant role. An important trade route… Read More »

Panama Economy and Culture

Republic of Panama. Located in the center of the Western Hemisphere, between the following coordinates: 7º12’07 “and 9º38’46” of North Latitude and 77º09’24 “and 83º03’07” of West Longitude. It limits to the North with the Caribbean Sea, to the East with the Republic of Colombia, to the South with the Pacific Ocean and to the West with the Republic of… Read More »

Panama Geography

As a country located in Central America according to transporthint.com, the Republic of Panama receives its name from the City of Panama, where the town hall was held and the Act of Separation of Panama from Colombia was signed, and in the same way for the Isthmus of Panama, which encompasses said territory. The word Panama… Read More »

Panama History Part 2

Republican era Panama Canal Once the separation of Panama from Colombia was declared, the new government, through its plenipotentiary ambassador Philippe-Jean Bunau-Varilla, achieved the signing of the Hay-Bunau Varilla Treaty for the construction of an interoceanic canal through the isthmus with the government of the United States of America. In 1904 the construction of the Panama Canal began by the Americans,… Read More »

Panama History Part 1

As a country located in Central America according to travelationary.com, the Isthmus of Panama was visited for the first time by the Spanish conquerors during the expedition of the Triana scribe, Rodrigo de Bastidas, in 1501. Bastidas sailed the Caribbean coast of the current province of Colón and the islands of the archipelago of the Comarca de… Read More »