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How to get to Poland

Overview Poland is a country in Europe according to extrareference. Poland, one of Europe’s most underrated countries, has a lot to offer travelers of all stripes, from the rugged landscapes of the mountainous south, to great skiing and hiking areas, to the magnificent historic cities of Kraków, Zamosc and Gdansk (Danzig), to the great Wilderness… Read More »

Poland Post-war Economic Conditions

The post-war territorial changes contributed to radically transform the economic structures and functions of Poland, a predominantly agricultural country until the Second World War. After the first phase of reconstruction from the devastation of the war, the new socialist government issued important measures regarding the nationalization of industry and commerce and agrarian reform. From the… Read More »

Poznan in Poland

According to Computergees, Poznan is a city in Poland and is considered one of the oldest in the country. Visitors to Poland will love Poznan as the city has a lot of historical buildings. Both the cathedral in Poznan and numerous other sacred buildings of the city are worth a visit. The advantage of Poznan is… Read More »