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How to get to Azores, Portugal

Overview The Azores are an archipelago consisting of nine widely scattered islands in the middle of the Atlantic, which have remained almost completely untouched for more than 500 years due to their isolation. Because of their volcanic origin, the islands are dotted with deep craters, some filled with shimmering lakes, others overgrown by lush vegetation.… Read More »

How to get to Portugal

Overview Portugal is a country in Europe according to ethnicityology. Although Portugal is somewhat overshadowed by its eastern neighbor Spain in terms of popularity, it is – perhaps for that very reason – an unused tourist gem. Traditional villages and dynamic cities are just as typical of the former seafaring nation as the numerous historical… Read More »

Sights of Portugal

According to Ethnicityology, Lisbon lies at the confluence of the Tagus River into the Atlantic Ocean. The hilly terrain that stretches around Lisbon creates unique landscapes. There are many observation platforms in the city, from where a magnificent view of the bay opens. The city has its own unique feature – throughout its territory there… Read More »

Portugal History – The Contemporary Age

Charles I himself was assassinated and his successor, Emanuele II, was deposed in 1910 by a revolution that proclaimed a republic. A provisional government, led by JFT Braga, enacted a series of anticlerical measures and prepared the election of a constituent assembly; the latter gave the Portugal a new fundamental charter and elected M. de… Read More »