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See iamhigher for Russia Population and Language.

Russia Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

Political system of Russia According to COMPUTERMINUS.COM, the Russian Federation has been a presidential republic with a republican form of government since 1991. According to the constitution, the Russian Federation consists of nine federation circles, which are made up of a number of federation entities such as republics, oblasts or regions. See AbbreviationFinder for more… Read More »

Sokolovaya Gora, Russia

In the northeastern part of the city rises Sokolovaya Gora. This is the highest place in the city, which can be seen from any corner of it. In ancient times, the Sokolovaya Mountain was called by the Tatars Sarytau, which means “yellow mountain” in Tatar. It is believed that the name of the city came… Read More »

How to get to Russia

Overview Russia is a country in Europe according to ehistorylib. Gilded tsarist pomp, the frigid tundra of Siberia, swanky Soviet-era monuments and ultra-chic urban culture—the Russian Federation has as many faces as its size suggests. Winston Churchill once said, “Russia is a riddle within a mystery surrounded by a mystery,” and indeed the greatest country… Read More »