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According to watchtutorials, Saint Kitts and Nevis is a two-island nation located in the Caribbean Sea. As of 2020, its population is estimated to be around 53,199 people. The majority of the population are of African descent, with small percentages of East Indian and European origin. The official language is English, although French patois and Creole are also spoken. Christianity is the predominant religion of the country, although there are other minority religions as well. The literacy rate for Saint Kitts and Nevis stands at 98%, one of the highest in the Caribbean region. The population is mostly concentrated in Basseterre, the capital city on Saint Kitts Island. However, there are smaller towns and villages spread across both islands which contribute to their overall population size. Most people living in Saint Kitts and Nevis live in urban areas but there is also a significant rural population that makes up around 20% of the total population. In terms of age structure, most people (around 40%) fall between 15-64 years old while those aged 0-14 make up 28%. Additionally, those aged 65+ make up roughly 14% of the total population. Given its small size, Saint Kitts and Nevis has had relatively few major immigration waves over its history compared to other Caribbean nations. Currently however there has been an influx of migrant workers from countries such as Jamaica and Haiti due to an increase in job opportunities on both islands. This has led to a more diverse ethnic mix within Saint Kitts and Nevis’ population than ever before with many different cultures coexisting peacefully alongside each other within its borders today. See itypetravel for St. Kitts Population and Language.

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Overview The beautiful islands of St. Kitts and Nevis are an enchanting blend of sun, sea, lush greenery, world-class spa facilities and sheer luxury. The islands have remained uncompromised, allowing visitors to enjoy the laid-back, quiet way of life of the locals, which has survived almost unchanged from modern influences. The exotic island of St.… Read More »