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According to watchtutorials, situated in the Apennine Mountains, San Marino is the third smallest country in Europe and the world’s oldest republic. With a population of 33,562 as of 2018, it is also one of the least populous countries in the world. The population of San Marino is largely made up of ethnic Sammarinese with a small percentage from other parts of Italy and other countries around the world. The majority of the population identifies as Roman Catholic, with a small number belonging to other Christian denominations and minority religions. The citizens of San Marino enjoy a high standard of living due to its low unemployment rate and high median income. The country also has an excellent health care system, with public health being provided by both private and public institutions. Education is highly valued in San Marino and its citizens have access to free education up to university level. In terms of infrastructure, San Marino has excellent transportation networks that connect it to nearby cities such as Rimini in Italy or across Europe via air or rail links. This provides easy access for tourists visiting this unique microstate as well as providing important economic links for trade and business activities. In addition to this, there are several cultural attractions that draw visitors from around the world such as Mount Titano (the highest point in San Marino), several medieval castles, churches, museums and parks that make up part of its rich cultural heritage. See iamhigher for San Marino Population and Language.

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Overview San Marino is a country in Europe according to ehealthfacts. Wherever you are in the 61 km² of San Marino, the view is lost in a unique, stunning landscape panorama: from the fertile fields of Emilia Romagna, the gently rolling hills of the Marche and Montefeltro to the calm waters of the Adriatic Sea.… Read More »