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According to watchtutorials, Singapore has a population of 5.6 million people and is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The population is made up of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian communities, with Chinese forming the largest ethnic group at 76.2%. Malays form the second largest group at 15.2%, Indians make up 7.4% and Eurasians 0.8%. The remaining 0.4% are made up of other ethnic groups such as Thais, Japanese and Koreans. Singapore also has a high percentage of foreign residents from countries like Australia, China and India who come to work or study. Most Singaporeans live in public housing estates which make up more than 80% of all dwellings in the country. According to statistics from 2018, Singapore has an average life expectancy of 84 years for men and 88 years for women which is one of the highest in Asia-Pacific region. Singapore also has a very low infant mortality rate with only 2 deaths per 1,000 live births recorded in 2018 making it one of the safest places to raise children in Asia-Pacific region too. See localtimezone for Singapore Population and Language.

Singapore Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

Singapore: Political System According to EQUZHOU.NET, Singapore is a parliamentary democracy. At the head of the state is a prime minister who is elected every 5 years. You can be re-elected as often as you like. Parliament is a unicameral system with 84 seats that is elected every five years. Since 1990, Parliament has been… Read More »

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Overview Singapore is a country in Asia according to politicsezine. Singapore is a cultural melting pot and impressively demonstrates the economic success of the region. Those who land here for the first time will sometimes be overwhelmed. In 2019, the former British trading post looked back on a 200-year history, which is a success story… Read More »

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Sightseeing tour of Singapore The tour gives a basic idea of ​​the history, population, modern life of Singapore. Places to visit – Padang Square in the heart of the city overlooking the statue of the legendary Lion-Fish, the financial center, Chinese and Hindu temples, handicraft centers and a luxurious tropical Orchid Garden. In the central… Read More »

James Cook University Singapore Review (13)

A semester abroad is planned as part of the dual degree course in logistics management at the European University of Applied Sciences. I decided to spend this semester abroad at James Cook University in Singapore. This international university is headquartered in Australia and has a branch in Singapore. I made a conscious decision to go… Read More »

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Project management In terms of content, this subject was my favorite lecture. The aim of the event was to get to know different tools that support you in the implementation of a project. During the lectures we learned the theoretical basics. In the tutorial, each group worked on its own project. My group had the… Read More »

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Apartment Search The university itself does not have any student dormitory spaces, but offers the option of other accommodation, the landlords of which you can contact. The search for an apartment was then unfortunately a little more difficult than hoped. In order to be able to look for a room on site, I flew to… Read More »

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Smartphone – Singlish – Selfistick My semester abroad in Singapore 3 years ago I had already spent four days in Singapore. At that time I did the typical tourist program – city tour, botanical garden, museums… Even if the island nation is very small, I hadn’t seen everything for a long time and it was… Read More »

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D. Studies at the host university 1. In which department did you study? There are basically two departments, psychology and business. I studied business, of course. But there were also fellow students who also took a psychology course alongside business courses. 2. How did you choose your courses (online, on-site, “course crashing”, etc.)? I selected… Read More »

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A. Preparation for the stay abroad 1. When did you start preparing for your stay? About 9 months in advance 2. Was a visa required? A student visa was required. However, this may not be used on site in Singapore. I got the provisional visa with the help of MicroEDU (more on this later). To… Read More »

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Since you have to register yourself for the tutorials and the most popular ones are those with the name A directly after the lecture, you should register for them at the beginning via the Students Office. During the first week, you can get your own account on the JCU website to manage your lectures and… Read More »

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Since the beginning of my studies at the Bonn Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, it was clear to me that I would study my second major in the 5th semester abroad. During the first semester, a professor said during the lecture that we should take the chance of a semester abroad and go where nobody… Read More »

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After my semester abroad, I’ve been back in the country since March and had a lot of time to review all my experiences. In summary I can say: it was the best decision of my life to go to Singapore and I really had no problems at all. I would also like to express my… Read More »

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Asia “light” You are interested in Asia, but don’t want total culture shock? If you can answer “yes” to this question, then you should apply for Singapore. Singapore, the “gateway to Asia”, offers you many possibilities. So why Singapore? I went to Singapore because it is unique as a location in Asia. In addition to… Read More »

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Application process My application to James Cook University Singapore (JCUS) went entirely through MicroEDU. After I contacted MicroEDU with the intention of applying to JCUS, I was sent instructions and documents on the application process. These are pretty obvious and helpful, but of course you can always contact MicroEDU with any further questions, especially Sabine,… Read More »

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International Marketing BX3082: There were a few repetitions in this subject, but also new things to learn. The final grade consisted of a first assignment in which a PESTEL analysis of a company and country of your choice was summarized in a PowerPoint. Then you come together in a group of four and combine the… Read More »

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Preparation of the stay Before I decided to spend my semester abroad in Singapore, I found out more about various universities, especially in Asia, as I’ve been fascinated by Southeast Asia since my last vacation in Malaysia. The international events organized by the DHBW also helped me with this, where I could find out more… Read More »