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According to watchtutorials, Slovakia is a small Central European country with a population of just over 5.4 million people. The majority of the population are Slovak, accounting for 80.7% of the population, while Hungarians make up 8.5%, Roma 2.3%, and Czechs 1.8%. The remaining 7.7% are made up of other nationalities such as Ukrainians, Germans, Poles and Russians. The majority of the population is concentrated in the western part of the country, with Bratislava being the capital city and home to around 430 thousand people. The population density in Slovakia is relatively low compared to other European countries, at 110 people per square kilometer (or around 44 people per square mile). This is mainly due to its mountainous terrain and lack of major urban centers outside Bratislava. The average life expectancy for men in Slovakia is 75 years old, while for women it is 81 years old – both above the global average life expectancy rate at 72 years old for men and 78 years old for women according to World Bank data from 2017-2018. The total fertility rate (TFR) in Slovakia has been decreasing since 1990, currently standing at 1.45 children per woman which puts it below replacement level fertility (2 children per woman). This suggests that Slovakia’s population may start to decline if current trends continue without significant immigration or policy changes regarding family planning or migration policies. See iamhigher for Slovakia Population and Language.

Slovakia Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

Slovakia: political system According to COMPUTERMINUS.COM, Slovakia is a parliamentary democracy. At the head of the state is a president who is directly elected by the people every 5 years. The President appoints the Prime Minister, the members of the Government and the President of the Constitutional Court. He also appoints university rectors and professors… Read More »

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In the pandemic year 2020, the Slovak economy recorded a drop in GDP by 5.2%. This is the second worst economic result since the establishment of the Slovak Republic in 1993. At the time of the global financial crisis in 2009, economic performance fell by 5.5%. The nominal volume of GDP created in 2020 reached… Read More »

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Overview Slovakia is a country in Europe according to constructmaterials. With its beautiful mountain landscapes and rock fortresses and well-preserved architecture, the Slovak Republic offers visitors an inviting mix of outdoor adventure and medieval charm. That the country is somewhat overshadowed by its neighbor and former compatriot, the Czech Republic, is largely because the pretty… Read More »

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Slovakia, Slovak Slovensko, officially Slovak Republic, Slovak Slovenská republika, state in Eastern Central Europe with (2020) 5.4 million residents; The capital is Bratislava. Population and Religion Slovakia has a population of 5.4 million (2020). Slovaks make up the majority of the population (81%), the two largest minorities are Hungarians in the south of the country… Read More »

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Area: 49,034 km² Residents: 5,443,120 (December 31, 2017) Population density: 111 E / km² Form of Government: Parliamentary republic System of Government: Parliamentary democracy Neighboring countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria Capital: Bratislava National language: Slovak Religions: 68% Roman Catholic, 6.9% Evang. Augsburg Church, 4.09% Greek-Catholic. Church, 2.04% Evangelical Reformed Church, 0.94% Orthodox Church, 0.2% Jehovah’s Witnesses Currency: Euro Telephone area code: +421 Time zone: UTC… Read More »