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How to get to South Africa

Overview South Africa is a country in Africa according to thesciencetutor. South Africa is a country that packs a stunning visual punch with its vast plains, rolling mountains, golden beaches and barren deserts. In addition to the diverse landscape, the many animal species are particularly impressive, from herds of elephants to penguin colonies, which are… Read More »

South Africa Defense and Security

The South African army underwent a radical reform after the end of apartheid. Parallel to the renunciation of the nuclear offense program, the ANC government has integrated the ranks of the army of the separationist regime with soldiers from Umkhonto we sizwe (the armed wing of the ANC), from the Azanian People’s Liberation Army (the… Read More »

What is “Big Five Safari” in South Africa?

Big Five is an old hunting term for the five most dangerous prey animals: elephant, hippopotamus, buffalo, lion and leopard. At present, the term is used indiscriminately by safari organizers, but at Albatros we keep the tradition alive and use the term only in connection with safari experiences where you can not only experience the… Read More »