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According to allcitypopulation, South Korea is a densely populated country with a population of 51.5 million people as of 2020. The majority of the population is ethnically homogenous, with more than 99% of the population being Korean by ethnicity. South Korea also has a large immigrant population, primarily from China and Southeast Asia, making up around 6.5% of the total population. The median age in South Korea is 41 years old, and the country has one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world at 84 years old for men and 91 years old for women. South Korea’s fertility rate is one of the lowest in the world at 1.24 children per woman, below replacement level, which means that its population growth rate is very low at 0.2%. As a result, South Korea’s aging population is growing faster than its youth population; 25% of its citizens are over the age of 65 while only 11% are younger than 15 years old. South Korea’s capital city Seoul alone has 10 million people living within its metropolitan area and this number keeps growing due to continuous urbanization and migration from rural areas to cities. See localtimezone for South Korea Population and Language.

South Korea Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

South Korea: Political System According to EQUZHOU.NET, South Korea is a presidential republic with a unicameral parliament. The president is elected directly by the people every five years. He cannot be re-elected. Parliament is elected every four years. All citizens over the age of twenty have the right to vote. See AbbreviationFinder for more information… Read More »

How to get to South Korea

Overview South Korea is a country in Asia according to internetsailors. At the latest in 2002, when thousands of fans dressed in red enthusiastically cheered their national team on TV at the World Cup, the world realized that you can actually have a lot of fun in South Korea. The Republic of Korea, as South… Read More »