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According to watchtutorials, Sudan is a large and diverse country in the north eastern part of Africa. It is the third largest country in Africa by land area, and it has a population of over forty million people. The majority of Sudanese are of African descent, though there are also significant populations of Arabs, Beja, Nubians, and other ethnic groups. The official language is Arabic, though many Sudanese also speak English and various African languages. The majority of people practice Islam, with a smaller percentage following Christianity or traditional African religions. The population of Sudan is highly diverse and includes many different cultures and ethnicities. The largest ethnic group in the country is the Arabs who make up about 55% of the population. This group mainly speaks Arabic but also includes some members who speak English or various African languages. The second largest group are the Beja people who make up around 15% of the population and are mostly nomadic or semi-nomadic herders living in the desert regions of Sudan. The Nubians comprise around 10% of the population and have their own distinct culture which includes a distinct language. There are also smaller populations from other African countries such as Ethiopia, Eritrea, Chad, Uganda and Kenya living in Sudan as refugees or migrants looking for work opportunities. See ejinhua for Sudan Population and Language.

Sudan Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

Sudan: Political System According to CANCERMATTERS.NET, Sudan is an Islamic republic with an Islamic legal system (Sharia). The unicameral parliament, the National Assembly, has 360 members, 270 of whom are elected every 4 years, 35 places are reserved for women, 26 for academics and 29 for the trade unions. The direct election of the head… Read More »

How to get to Sudan

Overview Sudan is a country in Africa according to homosociety. Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, sits at the confluence of the Blue and White Niles. Karthum’s tourist attractions include the Omdurman Camel Market, the Arabic Souk and the National Museum. Archaeological sites of interest are in Bajrawiya, Naga and Meroe. Home to numerous wildlife species,… Read More »