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According to watchtutorials, Swaziland is a small country located in southern Africa, bordered by Mozambique and South Africa. It has an estimated population of 1.3 million people, making it the smallest sovereign state in Africa. The majority of the population (over 95%) are ethnic Swazis and speak siSwati as their first language. English is also spoken widely, especially in urban areas. The country is predominantly Christian, with a large percentage of Roman Catholics and Anglicans. Other religions represented include Islam, Hinduism, and Baha’i Faiths. The population of Swaziland is relatively young; around 34% are under 14 years old while only 4% are over 65 years old. This is due to the country’s high fertility rate which stands at 3.5 births per woman – one of the highest rates in Africa. Life expectancy is also low compared to other countries on the continent; at 56 for men and 58 for women according to the latest estimates from 2017. There has been some progress in recent years with improved access to healthcare services leading to improved maternal health and lower infant mortality rates but much more needs to be done to improve living conditions across the country.

Swaziland Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

Swaziland: Political System According to CANCERMATTERS.NET, Swaziland is a parliamentary monarchy in the Commonwealth. The bicameral parliament consists of the National Assembly with 65 members, 55 of whom were directly elected and 10 appointed by the King, and the Senate with 30 members, 20 of which were appointed by the King and 10 were elected… Read More »

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Overview Between Mozambique and South Africa lies one of the smallest but most beautiful countries in the world, Eswatini, which was called Swaziland until 2018. Unlike its larger neighbor, it has been largely spared racial strife, and is characterized by national pride and a rich cultural history. Those who are here during the Incwala or… Read More »