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How to get to Switzerland

Overview Switzerland is a country in Europe according to cheeroutdoor. A mix of green natural landscapes and plenty of fresh air, paired with chic, modern cities, Switzerland offers travelers both varied outdoor and interesting city tourism. Switzerland’s best ski areas include Zermatt, Verbier and celebrity-loving St. Moritz, and even in summer the snow-capped high mountain… Read More »

Switzerland Cinema

A 1964 study by Cinémathèque Suisse, founded in Lausanne in 1948 and, under the guidance of F. Bauche, devoted to the recovery of heritage sheds some light on the origins of cinema in Lausanne and Geneva from 1895 to 1914, first shrouded in fog. national. The exhumations and discoveries up to 1940 concern animated cinema… Read More »

Travel to Switzerland

Visa As an EU citizen, no visa is required for a stay of up to 90 days. No residence permit is required during this period. However, if you are in gainful employment, you must report it. A residence permit must be applied for for stays longer than 90 days. This is usually issued without any problems with proof of work… Read More »

Requirements for Studying in Switzerland

To study in Switzerland, you usually apply directly to the respective Swiss university. Their requirements differ considerably in some cases. In general, the universities of applied sciences require a minimum age of 17 years and the advanced technical college entrance qualification. To apply to a university, however, candidates must have reached the age of 18… Read More »