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According to watchtutorials, Tajikistan is a Central Asian nation located in the mountains of the Pamir range. It borders Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China. As of 2019, Tajikistan had an estimated population of 9.27 million people. The majority of the population is ethnic Tajiks, which make up over 80% of the total population. Other ethnic groups include Uzbeks, Russians, Kyrgyzs, and Kazakhs. The official language of Tajikistan is Tajik Persian and Russian is widely spoken as well. The predominant religion in Tajikistan is Islam with over 95% of the population practicing Sunni Islam and a minority practicing Shia Islam. The literacy rate for adults over 15 years old has increased from 64% in 2000 to 92% in 2013-14 according to UNICEF data. The life expectancy for men is 65 years old and 71 years old for women as of 2018 estimates from WHO data. Tajikistan has a young population with nearly half (47%) under the age of 24 according to UNICEF data from 2017-18 estimates. This young demographic can be attributed to high fertility rates which have decreased slightly since 2000 but still remain high at 4 children per woman according to World Bank estimates from 2017-18 estimates. This high fertility rate has led to a population growth rate that was estimated at 1.7% as of 2019 by World Population Review estimates making it one of the fastest growing countries in Central Asia despite its low birth rates overall due to migration outflows since independence in 1991 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.. Despite this growth, urban areas still only hold about 38% percent of Tajikistan’s total population with most living in rural areas due to limited economic opportunities outside major cities such as Dushanbe and Khujand which are both home to nearly 25% percent each of Tajikistan’s total population respectively. See localtimezone for Tajikistan Population and Language.

Tajikistan Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

Tajikistan: Political System According to EQUZHOU.NET, Tajikistan is a presidential republic. At the head of the state is a president who is directly elected by the people every seven years. The parliament is a bicameral system. It consists of the upper house (Majlisi Milli) with 33 seats and the lower house (Majlisi Namojandagon) with 63… Read More »

How to get to Tajikistan

Overview Tajikistan is a country in Asia according to aristmarketing. The mountainous terrain of Tajikistan is ideal for adventurous trekkers, while the ancient Silk Road, which winds through some of the country’s most scenic areas, offers a glimpse of more prosperous times. Tajikistan has existed as an independent country since 1991, when the former Soviet… Read More »