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According to watchtutorials, Thailand is a Southeast Asian country with a population of about 69.4 million people. This population is comprised of a mix of ethnic groups, the largest being the Thai people, who make up approximately 75% of the population. Other ethnic groups include Chinese (14%), Malay (3%), Khmer (2%), and other minorities such as Mon, Karen, and Hmong. The country is also home to many different religions, with Buddhism being the most widely practiced at 94%. Muslims make up 4% of the population while Christianity and Hinduism each account for 1%. Thailand also has a large number of immigrants from neighboring countries such as Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar, who make up around 3% of the population. The majority of Thais live in urban areas with Bangkok being one of the most populated cities in Southeast Asia. The literacy rate in Thailand is 93%, which is higher than most countries in Southeast Asia. In addition to this, Thailand has one of the highest life expectancies in Asia at 78 years old on average. This is largely due to its high-quality healthcare system and improved access to education over recent years. See localtimezone for Thailand Population and Language.

Thailand Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

Thailand: Political System According to EQUZHOU.NET, Thailand is a constitutional monarchy. The head of state is the king. From 1947 until his death on October 13, 2016, the very popular King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama IX, ruled. (1927-2016). See AbbreviationFinder for more information about Thailand politics, and acronyms as well. At the head of the state… Read More »

How to get to Thailand

Overview Thailand is a country in Asia according to thereligionfaqs. Millions of tourists visit Thailand every year, which offers world-class beaches and turquoise waters as well as a rich culture, modern shopping malls, chic boutiques and colorful markets with lots of bargains. Thailand has elevated pampering to an art form. The country’s numerous wellness centers… Read More »

Visa to Thailand

From November 12, 2020, the Thai Consulate in Warsaw began accepting documents for tourist visas of the TR and STV categories for Ukrainian citizens and foreigners with a residence permit in Ukraine! Our company provides visa support in obtaining a visa to Thailand at the Consulate of the Kingdom of Thailand in Poland (obtaining a… Read More »