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According to watchtutorials, Turkey is a large country with a population of nearly 82 million people, making it the 18th most populous nation in the world. The majority of Turks live in the western part of the country and are of Turkish descent. The largest minority group is Kurds, who make up approximately 18 percent of the population. Other minority groups include Circassians, Arabs, Laz, and Armenians. The population is quite young, with approximately 30 percent aged between 15-29 years old. The majority are Muslim (99%), while a small percentage practice other faiths such as Christianity or Judaism. In terms of education, nearly 80 percent of adults aged 25 and over have completed secondary or higher education. Additionally, Turkey has one of the highest literacy rates in the world at 97%. The majority of Turks live in cities and towns such as Istanbul and Ankara; however, rural areas still make up about 20 percent of Turkey’s population. Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city with over 15 million people living there; it also serves as its cultural hub. Ankara is Turkey’s second biggest city with over 5 million inhabitants; it serves as its political center. Other major cities include Izmir and Bursa which both have populations over 3 million people each. Overall, Turkey has a diverse population made up of many different ethnicities and religions that coexist peacefully together despite their differences. This diversity makes for an interesting country to explore with something new to discover around every corner! See localtimezone for Turkey Population and Language.

Turkey Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

Turkey: Political System According to EQUZHOU.NET, Turkey is a presial republic headed by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan from the AKP, who is also head of government, since June 24, 2018. See AbbreviationFinder for more information about Turkey politics, and acronyms as well. He is elected every 7 years by secret ballot. Parliament is a unicameral system.… Read More »

What to See in Adana and Uludag (Turkey)

Adana (Turkey) The city of Adana is located in southern Turkey, 350 km southeast of Ankara. The city stands on the banks of the Seyhan River and is 30 km away from the Mediterranean Sea. Adana is the fourth largest city in the country, it is inhabited by 1200 thousand people. Thanks to its favorable… Read More »

How to get to Turkey

Overview Turkey is a country in Europe according to businesscarriers. Turkey is a country of vast, wide plains, imposing mountain ranges, fertile valleys and rugged coasts, rapidly growing cities and sleepy villages, busy seaside resorts and deserted beaches. Turkey has a turbulent history that has left its mark everywhere, and the country is rich in… Read More »

Turkey Flora and Fauna

Flora and vegetation. – European Turkey must be distinguished from Asian Turkey. In the first, the flora and vegetation are part of the Balkan domain and for this reason we refer to the Salcanic entry, region. As regards the Asian part, four regions can be distinguished: 1. coastal region; 2. region of the spots; 3.… Read More »

The Kurds in Turkey Part III

Influence from Syria The civil war in Syria affected neighboring Turkey in several respects. Among other things, the tone of the Kurdish question was sharpened again when the Sunni Arab extremist movement Islamic State (IS) went on the offensive against Kurdish areas in northeastern Syria, forced well over 100,000 Kurds to flee to Turkey and besieged the important… Read More »

The Kurds in Turkey Part II

Kurdish “peace delegation” In July 2009, Prime Minister Erdoğan announced that his government wanted to open a dialogue with the Kurds, and that he hoped for broad support for this “Kurdish peace initiative”. Erdoğan gave emotional speeches but made no concrete promises, and the major opposition parties refused to support the initiative. PKK leader Öcalan sent… Read More »

The Kurds in Turkey Part I

More Kurds live in Turkey than in any other country – probably at least 15 million. The settlements of the Turkish Kurds are in the southeast, but after decades of emigration from there, perhaps two-thirds live in western Turkey, a country located in Middle East according to itypetravel.com. The Republic of Turkey was founded in 1923.… Read More »