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How to get to United Kingdom

Overview United Kingdom is a country in Europe according to areacodesexplorer. Few countries in the world offer such an intense mix of scenery, history and culture as Great Britain. The South West of England is defined by a rocky coastline and offers fascinating history, while the UK’s capital, vast and multicultural London, nestles in the… Read More »

Scotland Brief History

The journey through the Scottish Highlands was part of a travel plan that I called “Journey in Viking Settlements” and which included visits to, in addition to the journey through this region, the Shetland Islands, the Orkney Islands and a visit to the outer Hebrides. The Nordic heritage lives on in these areas, especially in… Read More »

London Attractions

London in particular has many interesting sights to offer. Highlights is the Palace of Westminster or Houses of Parliament. The Palace is the seat of the British House of Lords and the House of Parliament. The building itself was built in the neo-Gothic style and is located near the Thames in Westminster. The Palace of Westminster… Read More »

University of Essex Student Review

Accommodation I advise you to live directly on campus , as all of university life takes place there. Therefore, the so-called quays, which are 15 minutes away on foot, are ruled out as accommodation ! The rest is a matter of taste: The Houses and South Courts are rather quiet and only a few people… Read More »

University of Essex Student Review

First of all, I can say that I had a great time at the university in Essex . I can really recommend this to everyone. Do it – it’s worth it! Important things to keep in mind: 1. Essential Pack and Accommodation You will receive a recommendation from the university to buy what is known… Read More »