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According to top-mba-universities, Franklin County, Vermont is one of the oldest counties in the United States and was established in 1792. The county takes its name from Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. The county is located in northwestern Vermont and is bordered by Canada to the north and Lake Champlain to the west. The history of Franklin County begins with its settlement by Native Americans, primarily members of the Abenaki tribe, who lived in the area for thousands of years prior to European contact. In 1609, French explorer Samuel de Champlain traveled through Franklin County on his way to Lake Champlain. During this journey, he encountered several Algonquin tribes who had established villages along rivers in what is now Franklin County. In 1763, following a series of wars between France and Britain, Britain was granted control of Vermont by treaty. This led to an influx of settlers from New England who were seeking new land for farming or lumbering opportunities. By 1800, Franklin County had become one of the most densely populated areas in Vermont and was home to several small towns and villages such as St Albans and Highgate Springs. In 1820, a rail line connecting Burlington to Montreal opened up new economic opportunities for Franklin County residents as it allowed them access to larger markets outside their region. During this time period, many farmers began growing potatoes which became a major export crop for Franklin County during the 19th century. By 1900 much of the land had been cleared for farming or logging use and many small towns had been established throughout the county such as Enosburg Falls and Swanton Village. Today, Franklin County continues to be an important agricultural region with dairy farms being especially prevalent throughout its rural areas. In addition to agriculture, tourism has become an important part of its economy with visitors coming from all over New England each year to enjoy its scenic beauty and historic sites such as Fort Ticonderoga which sits on its shores along Lake Champlain’s northern shoreline. The school district of Franklin County, Vermont is home to six public school districts that serve the county’s towns and villages. The largest district is the Franklin West Supervisory Union (FWSU) which serves 10 towns in the western part of the county. This district operates 8 schools including an elementary, middle, and high school in each of its four townships – Enosburg, Fairfax, Highgate, and St. Albans. In addition to these schools FWSU also runs a career center, a technical center and an adult education center. The other five school districts in Franklin County are: BFA-Fairfax School District, BFA-St. Albans School District, Missisquoi Valley Union School District (MVU), Richford School District, and Swanton School District. Each district operates one or more elementary schools as well as a middle/high school with some offering special services such as alternative education programs or vocational training for students interested in careers such as welding or auto mechanics. All six of Franklin County’s public school districts are committed to providing quality education for their students and all offer a wide range of programs from Pre-K to 12th grade. In addition to traditional academics such as math, science and language arts each district offers numerous extracurricular activities that give students the opportunity to explore their interests outside the classroom such as art clubs, music ensembles, sports teams and student government organizations. Franklin County also has several private schools that serve local families who are looking for an alternative educational experience for their children. These include Lake Champlain Waldorf School which focuses on holistic learning; St Joseph’s Catholic Academy which provides a Catholic-based education; Green Mountain Christian Academy which offers Christian based learning; and North Country Career Center which provides career-oriented learning experiences for students interested in pursuing specific fields such as engineering or health care professions after graduation. In conclusion, Franklin County provides its residents with a wide variety of educational options ranging from traditional public schooling to specialized private academies so that families can find an option that best fits their child’s needs while still being within reach financially. With its dedication to quality education throughout all grade levels combined with its rich history and beautiful natural surroundings it is easy to see why so many families choose Franklin County as their home year after year. Check top-medical-schools for geography, history, culture and flag of Vermont.

Glover, Vermont

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