The Queue for iPhone 5S and 5 C Sales in Denmark Have Begun

The night of Friday comes iPhone 5S and 5 c officially to Denmark. The first is in the queue.

Although Apple has been blamed for, just to launch new iPhones, similar to the old, without the great innovations, it can nevertheless draw attention from customers.

According to the Facebook page iPhone release in Denmark stood the first four people in the queue, already at 8 o’clock Thursday morning, when Telia’s store on amagertorv in Copenhagen.

Telecommunications companies Telia, TDC, Telenor and 3 keeps business as usual evening opening on Strøget in Copenhagen, with a little celebration in the street and entertainment for the attendees. In addition, a number of other companies ‘ stores around the country, also open in the evening.

According to telecommunications companies’ webshops are their prices and subscription schemes currently undisclosed, but the unknown price holds no customers from standing in line.

Apple has previously published what the prices on their webshop will be, on iPhone 5S and 5 c without subscription.

16 GB iPhone 5 c will cost 4,599 crowns while the corresponding iPhone 5S is set to 5,399 crowns.