Top 10 Countries With Most Horses in the World

By | August 20, 2021

Horses have been used since the beginning of time, because of their speed and power. They were the first factor that allowed the man to travel faster than with his 2 legs. Horses used to boost man’s ability to carry goods from point A to point B, and in some rural areas, they are still used for transportation. In this selection are highlighted the 10 countries with more horses in the world. When creating the selection, Horse Talk was used as the source. Data were collected for these countries with more horses. After completing this step, resulted in the list, and missing the rank, which was done in ascending order. But be aware that the source statistics are from 2011. There has been an attempt to find more recent data on the number of horses each country has, but there was no accurate information.┬áSource:

10. SUDAN – 785,363 HORSES

Sudan is one of the countries that have more horses. There are many races of this country that are beautiful and unique, each on its way. Among the most famous horse breeds that are native to Sudan are Western Sudan Pony, Tawleed Horse, Sudan Country-Bred Horse, Gharbaui Horse, and Dongola Horse.

9. RUSSIA – 1,340,601 HORSES

Russia is home to many horses, and there are some beautiful breeds that are native to the country. Some of the most beautiful native horse breeds in Russia are The Orlov Trotter, Russian Don, Vyatka Horse; one of the oldest races in Russia, Russian Saddle horse, Budyonny Horse, Soviet Heavy Draft.

8. KAZAKHSTAN – 1,528,300 HORSES

For thousands and thousands of years, the horses in the country were raised by local people. Many horse breeds are native to Kazakhstan, and most of them have ancient origins. Among some of the most famous horse breeds that are native to this country are the Adaev.

7. ETHIOPIA – 2,028,233 HORSES

Horses in Ethiopia have been known as Abyssinia, and they have been characterized in 8 breeds or types. The 8 types or breeds of Ethiopian horses are Abyssinian, Bale, Borana, Horro, Kafa, Kundudo, Ogaden, and Selale. Since Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world, here, horses are used for transportation and agricultural labor such as plowing. There are also some breeds in specific areas where they are mainly used for riding.

6. MONGOLIA – 2,112,927 HORSES

Mongolia has a high number of horses in its country, almost as the total population; the total population in the country is 2,959 million people. A traditional saying goes, “a Mongol without a horse is like a bird without wings,” as you can tell, horses play a large role in the daily life of the Mongols. It is also interesting to know that the Mongols do not name their horses. Instead, they are identifying them by their physical characteristics like scars, color, and marks.

5. ARGENTINA – 3,590,000 HORSES

Argentina is one of the countries that have more horses in the world because they have a significant part in their work life as well as culture. It may already be known, but for those who do not know, the most famous and used horse race in the country is the Argentine Criollo. This horse is considered the national horse of Argentina, and is known for its strength, strength and caution. Among other popular horse breeds in the country are Falabella and Petiso Argentino.

4. BRAZIL – 5,510,601 HORSES

Among the most beautiful and interesting breeds of horses in Brazil is Campolina. They are larger and more remarkable races because of their unique convex profile. What is interesting about this breed is the fact that it was developed by a farmer and his black mare. Since Brazil is home to many races, it is fair to mention some of them. Pixa, Piquira Pony, and Pantaneiro are among the most famous horse breeds in Brazil.

3. MEXICO – 6,533,000 HORSES

People in Mexico depend heavily on their horses, especially in rural areas. Many horse breeds are native to this country. Some of the most famous and beautiful breeds of horse that are native to Mexico are Aztec horse; known for his athletics and Galiceno. People in Mexico are using horses for all sorts of different purposes beginning with transporting goods to sports, which is why they are enjoying and loving horses.

2. CHINA – 6,773,245 HORSES

China has a total population of 1.371 billion people, but the number of horses in this country is very large as well. The different horse breeds are native to this vast country. Some of the most popular and beautiful horse breeds that are native to China are Baise Horse, Balikun Horse, Ferghana Horse, Guizhou Pony, Guoxia, Heihe Horse, Lijiang Pony, Nangchen Horse, Riwoche Horse, Tibetan Pony, Xilingol Horse, and Yili Horse .

1. UNITED STATES – 10,150,000 HORSES

In 2011, there were 10,150 million horses in the United States, and around 4.6 million citizens were involved in this horse-related business. There are many Native American horse breeds that one can still see in America these days, and a few of them are American Quarter Horse, known for its ability to easily win a quarter-mile race, Southeastern and Appaloosa Horse.