Top 10 Countries With the Highest Percentage of Atheist Population

By | August 3, 2021

In this selection they are highlighted the 10 countries with greater population of atheists of the world. Atheists are people who do not believe in God. They are not members of any religion and generally do not believe in superstition. Throughout history, people who did not believe in God were treated as “worshipers of the devil.” However, currently people are widely accepted that have no religious effect on social life. You can check where most of the atheists are. According to the Worldwide Independent Network , 63% of the world’s population are religious. On the other hand, between 11 and 13% are atheists and 22% are not religious. There is a difference between people who consider themselves atheists and non-religious people. Non-religious people simply do not follow any rules or guides of a religion, but they can believe in God. Atheists have a lack of belief in religion and God entirely. American atheists claim that atheism is not a religion, nor a belief system. The most common mistake is that atheism is treated as a belief system. And it never was and never will be. Usually, the more “heated” debates are among the atheists themselves. This is because they disagree on many common ideas and beliefs. Yet, atheists tend not to try to persuade people to become atheists. The population of atheists across the globe depends very much on a country’s predominant religion, the number of believers, and the number of people without a religion. It is the reason of being very difficult to find countries with a great population of atheist. For this selection was used the map found on the Washington Post website and the data of the last search, conducted by WIN Gallup International found in Patheos . To calculate the number of atheists in each country, population numbers were needed, hence the use of Wikipedia.┬áSource:

10. HONG KONG – 3,795,272, 52%

Hong Kong has a population of 7,298,600, a high percentage are considered non-religious or are atheists. An inspection found that the percentage of atheists could reach 90% compared to this country. So Hong Kong is tenth in this selection of the 10 countries with the highest population of atheists in the world.

9. SWEDEN – 4,515,666, 46%

Sweden is well-known as the non-religious majority country. In fact, many studies have found that the country has a high percentage of atheists. And yet, several people do not believe there is a “vital force” in Sweden.

8. CZECH REPUBLIC – 5,479,666, 52%

The country noticed an increase in religious people. In addition, several people refuse to respond whether they are religious or not. In the future, it is possible to expect that the number of religious people will be much smaller.

7. NETHERLANDS – 6,769,320, 40%

Until the 20th century, Christianity was widely accepted in Holland. Since then, more and more people have become atheists, so you can expect that the number of atheists in the country will increase in the future.

6. UNITED KINGDOM – 25,920,000, 40%

In the country, more women than men are atheists. In addition, the elderly are generally believers, but younger people are atheistic or non-religious. There are some people who just do not know what they are or were not interested in revealing the religion in this country.

5. FRANCE – 27,505,670, 41%

France has a high number of atheists and agnostics. In most studies, the country is always in the first group of 10, in relation to the larger population of atheists and agnostics.

4. VIETNAM – 30,837,840, 33%

Vietnam is well known as an atheist nation. People in the country commonly worship the ancestors, which makes this country unique and different from other countries in the area, being fourth in this selection of the 10 countries with the highest population of atheists in the world.

3. GERMANY – 30,855,050, 38%

East Germany had the largest population of non-religious people. Now, the number of religious people is increasing. An interesting fact is that there are more atheists than religious people in Hamburg.

2. JAPAN – 58,342,720, 46%

Japan is a very complicated country because many people combine more than just one religion. In addition, they do not understand nor follow the rules of a religion, with Japan being second in the ranks of the 10 highest-ranking atheists in the world.

1. CHINA – 1,029,390,000, 75%

China has the largest population in the world. So it is no coincidence that it has always been one of the countries with the highest population of atheists. In some areas, 90% of the local population are atheists. The country also has a large number of non-religious people and a low number of believers, with China leading position in this selection of the 10 largest atheist populations in the world.