Top 10 Smartest Countries in the World

By | August 7, 2021

Sorting countries by intelligence can be a bit like comparing apples and oranges. There are many different types of education and intelligence, it is possible to have problems when trying to make the comparison. For example, one of the most popular ways to measure intelligence is with the IQ test. There are other ways to measure intelligence in a country as well. In this selection are highlighted the 10 most intelligent countries in the world, classified by IQ, but considering other factors as well. Source:


For those who are not completely familiar about how an IQ test works, they are elaborate and average IQ will be around 100. Typically, somewhere around sixty percent of people who take an IQ test will get a score in the range of about 100. Sweden kicks off countries with an average IQ above the 100 mark. Sweden has a good education system , with many education costs covered by the government, so education is accessible to anyone with mental fitness.


It is said that Austria is a country with one of the best educational systems in the world. The country has the second highest percentage of people with PhDs who are in the workforce of any country. For every thousand people in the country, around 7 women will have a PhD, and around 9 men will have as well. The average IQ in Austria is 102.


Germany historically has had a high percentage of great thinkers. When one looks at the fields of philosophy, science, and many of the arts, there have been many influential German minds. This is probably due to a large number of German citizens graduating with degrees in science, math, technology, and engineering. The average IQ in Germany is 102.


The tradition of innovation in science and technology in Italy goes back hundreds of years. When one thinks of Italy, people are quickly brought to the thoughts of the Roman Empire or the Italian Renaissance. Some of the greatest sculptors, painters, writers, and poets hailed the country. But they are currently carrying this with average progress up in the fields of math, science, physics, and other fields. The average IQ in Italy is around 102 as well.


The Netherlands has a very good educational system for children, ranking ninth when it comes to test scores of school-age children in the fields of mathematics and science. The country with the best educational system in the world and the best test scores for school age is Finland. The average IQ in the Netherlands is 103.


Drawn with Holland when it comes to average IQ is Singapore, the small state-island city in the southern part of Malaysia. Singapore is an important area for technology as well as business and finance. Your students are always on top of the world when it comes to performance in math and science fields. In fact, they are currently number one in the world in relation to student test scores. The average IQ in Singapore is 103.


Taiwan, officially known as the Republic of China, is one of the most densely populated countries in the world as well as being one of the most intelligent. When it comes to test scores of its students, it comes forth in a tie with Japan. Taiwan is world renowned for its advances in technology, as well as for its devotion to its public educational system. The average IQ in Taiwan is 104.


Japan is notorious for having a difficult philosophy of early childhood education, with students devoting long hours to prepare for difficult exams. When it comes to scientific research, Japan has been increasingly one of the best countries in the world. The University of Tokyo is ranked among the best universities to attend in the world, and is considered the best university in Asia. The literacy rate in the country is 99%, one of the largest in the world. It is not clear how related this could be to intelligence, but Japan is also the place of the world where people have the longest life expectancy . The average IQ in Japan is 105.


Bloomberg said South Korea is the most “innovative” of all countries in the world. Your students have the third highest test scores in any country, and they spend a lot of money on research and development projects. South Korea’s very advanced nation has the highest percentage of its population with a STEM diploma, with more than 30% of the adult population having a diploma in one of these fields. It is said that South Korea has the fastest and most reliable Internet in the world. The average IQ in South Korea is 106.


Students in Hong Kong receive the second highest math and science test scores in any country, and are said to have the second best education system after Finland. Many students in Hong Kong will enroll in extra classes outside of school to better complete their education and improve their future prospects. This kind of dedication to education can be difficult to imagine. Obviously, hard work has its value to Hong Kong, its average IQ is 107.

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